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How much can a real combat soldier in the infantry expect to carry into battle these days? I always thought that 300 rounds, maybe 4 hand grenades and 10 rifle grenades (if he has a launcher) would be normal. Can anyone currently serving in any modern army clear this up? What would be fair for classes in GR? Personally I think 2 kit slots are not enough.

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I hope that this might help you:

The swedish army loadbearingvest 2000 is designed to carry 7 magazines (in 2 magazine pounces, and 1 "quick-draw" pounche)(+1 in the rifle). So lets say 8 mags (and you can stuff 15 into it if you think that it might be needed (for MOUT/FIBUA/CQB)).

The pounches on the standardrifleman in GR suggest´s that they have can carry 6 (+1) clips plus gear, or 12 (+1) clips.

By the way, the AR (Automatic Rifleman, or support guy) should be able to carry 2 (+1) boxes and gear, or 4 (+1) boxes.

Something that is really hard to simulate in GR is that when we carries 8 clips, we also have a box (or two) of ammo in the backpacks, for reloads.

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Well, back in the hey days of snooping around a stinking jungle, 30-50Kgs of rucksack would be carried. As for ammunition, well, 7-10 magazines would be carried, some grenades (either in dedicated LBV pockets or crammed in a canteen cover), and 40mm grenades (for M203). Back in my Kostrad days we had this horrible thing called rifle grenades (please don't laugh), which are these long things that you stick on the barrel of your rifle and fired through a 'bullet through system' (instead of bullet trap), so we'd carry some of that too.

But that's just us. I don't know if you meant NATO armies, in which case, I cannot provide you with a definite answer.


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Standard load, officially, for the U.S. Army is 210 rounds (7 x 30 rd magazines) and 4 grenades. However, depending on supplies and the op, that can change. In Panama and again when we almost went into Haiti, if you were in the 82nd, you loaded up with as much as you could and/or wanted to carry. Guys were stuffing as many frags as they could carry into their gear when loading up to jump in.

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5-8 mags here in Finland + 2 nades. Though we carry all the other stuff like raingear, gasmask, fieldshovel, one days food and water (one needs to stay combat effective for a day atleast). That makes plenty stuff to carry and when going into combat with that much gear on u tire quite quickly. Like my platoon in RUK (Reserve officer school) advanced 150 meters towards enemy line jumbing from cover to cover and crawling in deep snow. I just wanted to drop all the gear that was useless at the moment.

300 rounds 4 nades and 10 Gnades, huh... thats a lot of ammo. I wanna see someone carry that much gear and fight for 2-3 days straight. But like in Vietnam marines said take as much ammo as u can carry, u dont want to run out of ammo during the heat of a firefight.

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Lets see what I can pull out my butt here.

Since I am an U.S. infantryman it depends on the unit you are in.

Right now I'm with the 25th ID in afganistan as you most know.

Here is what I was carrying up the hills(mountains acutally 11000 feet type):

13 mags of 5.56 1:5 ratio ball to tracer

4 frags

1 smawd

1 camel bak

1 assualt pack with 2nd combat load of 5.56 (300 more rounds)

My M-249 gunner carried (mission depending)

600 5.56 link

1 frag

1 assualt pack with 1800 more rounds


300 rounds 7.62

800 round in assualt pack

m203 gunner

300 rounds

6-12 High Explosive rounds

2 smoke round

1 illum round

100 m240 rounds

1 frag

That should cover it.

As for When I was in iraq last year :

i carried

20 mags 5.56

20 HE rounds

3 smoke

2 illum

I was a m203 gunner plus on bradleys so we didnt move far from the tracks and was able to carry more cuase we werent in the mountains as we are here.

Light Infantry motto:

Travel light freeze at night

Mech Infantry motto:

Hey where can I fit this case of soda and pack of hotdogs.

1 day and a wake up left in afcrackastan

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:blink: How the hell did this one slip under my radar?

Anyway, here's what I used to carry during the war here; (although it wasn't NATO standard, back then we still used M-70, a Yugo AK-47 clone)

M-70 with one 30rd mag

mag pouch with cleaning kit + 4mags, so total of

150rds of 7,62x39mm (that was called a "combat kit")

Additional 150rds of ammo, packed in my backpack, were issued prior to combat missions, so 300rds total.

2 frag grenades

As a medic, I had to carry my medic bag, plus all the stuff soldiers usually carry when on away missions (one day ration pack, water cantine, a knife, flashlight, etc...)

On one occasion we were expected to encounter some armour, so we were all issued as much AT weapons as we could carry...even me, as a medic, got stuck with 2 disposable "Zolja" launchers (Yugo version of 66LAW) :(

Over time, I aquired 2 more AK-47 mags, which I had taped together and used to carry in my field jacket pocket for fast reloading...increasing my ammo loadout to 360rds....ahhhh, the memories.... :gun::whistle:

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When i was in Iraq for the invasion, i was a section commander in 3 commando brigade. In 40 commando. We deployed in the field with no less than 10 mags 5.56, 300rds. 4 HE frags, 1 phosphurous grenade and two smoke and 1 or 2 bandoliers of 5.56 150/300 rds depending on what you wanted to carry. Some lucky people also got to carry a LAW 94.

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Same here, I'd roll out with 10 mags on my person, plus 7 more in the vehicle. My gunner woulnd't roll out the wire unless he had 3000 - 6000 rounds in the vehicle for his 240. But when I carried a nine-mil for a week, I only had two mags. Ambushes can expend alot of ammo..

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