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Leitner-WiseLW15 .499LWR (.50Cal M16)


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This is my first weapon I've made. Yes, laugh now, but I somehow did it according to the tutorial. Anyway the US Coast Guard is using the LW15.499LWR for coastal protection. The weapon as per the Leitner-wise website is for infantry, anti-personnel and anti material. The Coast Guard is using this wepon to upgrade it's old m16a1's and to destroy boat engines and destroy small boat hulls to sink them.

This is the CQB version I modelled almost like the one as tested by Special Weapons Magazine www.guns-weapons.com


and also a longer more like an M16 version Here

my inspiration for this was found via the Special Weapons magazine and the Leitner-Wise website for the LW15 .499LWR is Here

there are various versions I'm working on, yes low poly but good for my first time try at weapon making. I've also have a CQB with an M203 and the sniper version under way

Yes this is a .50CAL M16 because Leitner-Wise basically manufactured a .50CAL receiver to sit upon the lower stock of current M16's. I've got it in game. still need to work the kit icons but the weapon is fun to shoot.

[Edited] This has a stainless stell texture on the barrel as does the real weapons![End of [EditedEdited]

Ballistics. I've used the "REAL" Velocity Data to configure this weapon as real as possible.

-Papa6- (please know this is my 1st weapon...don't laugh... :blink:

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Papa6- for a first model thats good buddy!!!

My first model werent no where near that good!!!

You'l see how you learn new tips for creating weapons in Max and howeach model gets better............then you'll go back and re-do all the older models :D lol

Not heard of this weapon so think will do some reading of it and learn a new toy :ph34r:

Keep up the good work buddy.....any probs just holla ;)



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