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They all shoot bullets. :lol:

...but really, in game the only way is to just equip one of your guys with the gun. When I do ingame testing, I equip a different gun to each member on m01 for original GR. The begining area of this mission has no real enemies, and there is a big field you cannot get to, but you can shoot at a tree out there.

To fully understand the weapons properties, however, your gonna have to open the guns file up using notepad. There are a lot of numbers in there, but the most important ones are rof (near the middle), accuracy (stats for all positions near the bottom), recoil, and at the top are some values to determine how powerful it is (though you need to plug these numbers into a formula, which is provided in IGOR under the weapon editor, which is another option to see the values other than using notepad).

Just looking at the stats might not be all that helpful at first, so try comparing the stats to a gun that you know pretty well. Hope this helps.

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For example:

SA80 with grenades has a faster reticule than an OICW/GL, but 1 less zoom I think...but if you equip the OICW with extra ammo it has just as good reticule but a bit more zoom. M4 has amazing reticule but a little bit of zoom only. It's a matter of testing all the guns, that's one of the fun parts ;)

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