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Cannot end missons

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I have done several searches but cannot find a solution to my problem. I have played ghost recon on elite two or three times and it did wonderful. This time in the first mission I could not captured the officer because he would not put his pistol down, when I tried to enter the room he shot at me. I backed out and searched the entire map and could find no one else alive. I finally ended up shooting him.

The second mission is where you pull out because the Russians have entered his city and you must take the bank, check the helicopter, and then go to the top of the embassy and your home, oh yes, take out that tank. Again, I took out every body, no one is left alive, I am sitting on top of the embassy with my full team and the mission will not end. I have made sure that ever body is in the center, because sometimes when one is on a outer edge, the mission will not end.

This is really perplexing me, I cannot figure out what is going on. I am hoping that someone else has had this problem and can tell me how to cure it. But, with my luck, I will be the only one.

I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas you might have on this.

Thank you very much


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The guard in the room with the Russian has to be killed first or the Russian will shoot at you. Do not enter from the side entrance but the front enterance where you can kill the guard first. Go back to an earlier save and approach from the front.

The Embassy mission I did not take out the tank as I had no AT weapon as I did not know there would be a tank in the mission. After checking out the chopper and my support cleaned up some guys comming out of a nearby building I sent everyone back to the embassy roof hotly persued by the tank. Once on the roof I made sure all were on the helipad and after some time the mission ended.

Maybe you missed some enemy or perhaps the tank should not be taken out ?

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I wish to thank everyone here for thier replys and please except my apologies for not getting back sooner, but there was a wreck and they took out all the lines in this area---sooo no internet for me till now. I did not realize how much impact the net has had on my life till now :D

I completely killed everyone, both guards at the entrances, the one at the frount last and he still shot at me. Took out the guys at the frount also, no one left alive on the whole map except him. I have since reinstalled and it straighened itself out :) .

The same for the other mission, no one left alive, in or out of the bank, but like I said, now it is fine, thank goodness.

I do have one complaint: The people that came up with this game and devoloped it should be put in prision for dealing in a habit forming substant :D :D .


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