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Here's part one to a mission I did once. I'm working on part two so be looking for it in the War Journal forum. Here's the story.

Tuesday, high noon, 01200.

I'd been told to cover this position. My squad had gone to investigate an area ahead. Tangoes had been spotted on the way here though, at the time, they presented no real threat and they never spotted us. But, nontheless, I had to cover this area just in case one of 'em tryed to attack our flank. My squad consisted of a rifleman, a support, and me, the sharpshooter. Bravo, which consisted of two rifleman, and a demolitions expert, had been whiped out in fierce firefight in town a little while ago. They went down as heroes, covering our backs as we escaped the city through a blown out alleyway. We ran until we heard Bravo say they had spotted enemy armor. I knew it was over. They had no anti-tank weapons. I listened in horror as I stared in at the city through my scope, hoping I could pop a couple o' bogies. Anything to give Bravo a chance to meet up with us. But I knew it was futile. I lowered my weapon and listened to the last few seconds of those courageous mens' lifes. We turned and ran a little ways when we found a small house. We popped some grenades into the windows to get rid of any skinnies that might have been in the house. Inside we found some goods and restocked. I peered out of my scope at the landscape that we just covered. Roughly one mile maybe two of solid earth. Thats when my squad left to find the next objective and sweep the next area cleean of tangoes, leaving me alone with the fear of being captured and standing alone against a tank and countless boggies. It had been an hour since I had been abandoned. I hadn't seen anything through my scope for a while so decided I'd take a rest. Maybe smoke me a cig or eat something. It was high noon and I was being scortched alive and the gun was burning my hands. Not long after my cigerette, my eyes got heavy and I was almost asleep when I heard my squad calling for help. I grabbed my gun and ran out of the house as fast as I could. I had traveled a good ways when i started feeling uneasy. I went prone and roled in the dirt a little while to give me a little bit of camo. I surveyed the area. Obviously, I was smack dab in the middle of a large revine that ran from the city to a small mining villiage. The revine had no trees, plants or foilage of any kind. Just hard caked mud. However, on either side of the revine was a large forest. This what i was afraid of. I was a sitting duck. I heard a shot ring out and I jumped as it hit the ground beside me and riqucheted off the mud. I quickly focused my scope and surveyed the under level foilage for some kind of out line, movement, or sign of an enemy presence. Suddenly something flashed at the top of my vision range. Another shot riqucheted off the mud except this time I heard a scream and something fall to the ground behind me. one tango down. I focused my scope on the area where the shot had came from and waited a second or two while I drew out an outline. I squeezed the trigger and, almost imidiatly, my bullet found it's resting place in the tangoes head.:snipe: Target number two eliminted.:rambo: I lowered my weapon and congradulated myself. Obviously, these two snipers, probably fresh from the acadamy, had been put here to guard the revine while supplies continued to arive in the small town ahead. They weren't expecting another sniper to come along and teach them what they obviously didn't learn in boot camp, don't give away your position. I stood and continued slowly, keeping my guard up, down the revine toward the villiage, toward my comrades, desperatly hoping they were still alive. . .


yea, i know. It doesn't sound like a mission there are some things I put in there that made it sound real. I just put in the eyes of a sniper in a real situation like that. But, the sequence of events happened in order on the mission. give me some replies on what u think.

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