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I had a snipers dream com true last night.

We were playing on a server with no respawns and no TI or sensors.I had the good ol' M24+M9.

I layed in wait for about 5 minutes and I saw a rifleman (this is MP with all real ppl no AI) I let him get about 25 meters away then I shot him in the leg with the rifle.He looked everywhere and started caling for back up (must have been a new player, he used the "talk to everyone" chat) as he gimped his way back to the corner 5 of his friends show up (the preverbial calvary).

I took out the farthest one and 2 ran forward and the rest ran backwards.They ran into each other like the 3 stooges while I am shooting away.

1st shot-through the back

2nd shot- through the kidney area which passed through and winged another member

3rd shot took out the orignal Mr.Gimpy (man i shot in leg) through the nether region (ouch)

4th shot went through the chest and took out the last ones.

Now that was fun, the rest of the night I was on another server (Wolf Servers) going crazy with the sniper.

What I really love about the bolt action rifles, you can keep firing one after another and the ret never moves,Plus I love the actual manual feeding of every round into the gun and knowing I am going to eliminate a enemy with greater weaponry then me and all I need is one bullet to ruin their day.

One shot, one kill, no dispute, end of argument.

:ph34r::ph34r::hehe::hehe::blink: _______________violent-smiley-007.gif

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Played a 5 minute LAN match the other day.... Short but sweet.

The map was Castle. I was sitting in the doorway of the house across from the ruins, across from me in the ruins was a tango with a Rocket Launcher, Just as I saw him, he saw me. I waited for my reticules to zoom, so did he....


Just as he began to fire, I shot him in the neck, throwing off his aim and sending the rocket into the ground near his feet.

Strangly enough, his callsign was Kamakazie!

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Heh that always happens to me.

I was playing SP HX4 recon MP stronghold or fort, I was by myself as a sniper.

I had the Tac 50 .50BMG and the M1911, I took out all the necessary targets (gaurds and snipers) as I begian my s-l-o-w crawl to the extraction point, I hear a rustling, fearing multiple enemies that have a hard on to put a bullet in my head I draw my .45 and slowly fade into the shadows.It was nothing, a sigh of relief and I was on my way.

At this point I knew something was up and I didnt know when or where the party was going to start. Strangley enough the extraction point was near the entrance to the fort. As I got about 25 meters to the EP I see about 8 tangos all with the forms of Identification about them (Ak47's AKS74's and SVD).At this point a lesser person would have high tailed it,I on the other hand am lazy and I like to fight on the ground when the need arises.

Well the party started and I dropped the lead tango and the rest start falling back I picked them off and when I needed to reload I drawed my .45 and popped the last to in one swift motion.One of the lucky punks shot me in the leg, I was fine I can still crawl.

As I crawled and limped my way to the EP I got up with my .45 drawed and side stepped past the entrance of the fort just incase one of them was still alive. As I got about one foot past the wall I see a green tube and I hear a loud sound, I dropped like a sack of ****, all I saw was smoke go over my head while I fired my .45 ala John Woo style. 2 of th 5 rounds hit he fool in the chest and killed him. At that point I got up and high tailed it out of there.

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This is against the AI so it isn't as great as it seems. I was in recon/elite/castle, the first tries of this mission ended in death so I tried the sniping role.

I'm running for my life after I spot 3 tangos right beside me they do not see me, I'm running, running, stop, go prone, I notice 5 tangos about to go into the castle walls. I cannot let that happen I drop the a man, the others turn around, I pop all of them easily. I now know that this is when the party well start. I jump up run to a new position watch as 5, 10, 13 men come out of the castle I pop 3 before they move they scramble I take out the nearest of the bunch while under heavy gun fire. 1 wise guy stands up and unleashes a torrent of lead, he shoots me 5 times before I can get my sights on him and drop his sorry ***. The rest is no getting cockey and run at me I drop all but 2. The 2 are beside each other one takes a nade out and throws it into his partners head...they both are now in peices. Again I switch positions. Again a large group comes only to be elemenated. I run to the extraction point notice 2 they both fall from lack of brain function. I reach the extraction point thinking how much damage I have done.

I get to they numbers of battle and notice only 5 people reman from my destruction.

Sorry about the bad story telling never really was a story teller. :D

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As the night grows old ,the outline of the mailbox is visible from my position as I lay in wait for the eager paintballer to return to scene for yet another strike on a moonlight target,The hour draws near to time of the of there plunder and my patience wear thin,awaiting a unknown and unseen enemy of the highway,As I reposition a flicker in the distance of an on coming vehicle,It howls along the road as the tires grip the roadway and with a flash of lights the vehicle had passed.my evening so far was filled with thoughts of how I should negotiate the troublesome foe, The days and nights have passed with no incident to speak of, but yet somewhere lurks in the shadow of the nights the foe that has struck my helpless little mailbox,covered from front to back with a slime of paint,now my little mailbox is loved so much that it get's a new look of fresh paint free from the slime of many paintballls. yet I wait .....

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Awakened by a raspy engine whining a hollow screach as a gear was missed and the motor revs. the moonlight gives me a glimse of the would be mailbox painter,,seems sort of funny that I have no idea of how or why they would continue to target my helpless mailbox,,,edit,The washing of my mailbox will come to end as I find the culprit.

Justice would not be served if I took the matter into my own hands..

So yet I wait for yet another return from my troublesome foe .

I'll find you and your partner and you be washing my mailbox with a new paintbrush and a fresh can of paint of my choosing..lol.

Robogrunts will remain victorious ,

stop on in and introduce yourself if you want me to play your game.

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Hey. This is my first post, and I figured I'd try to make it a good one. This took place at a LAN party my friends had on Saturday. It's in first person. Hope you enjoy:

It had been nearly an hour since the rest of the platoon had disappeared into the haze. The rain drizzled on and visibilty was low. From my clifftop perch, I could see barely past the river, and I knew that beyond that point was enemy territory.

I had been frequently checking my watch. This should have been a routine recon mission, in and out, no sweat. But it had been a long time... too long.

Soaked from head to toe, I began to crawl forward slightly, hoping to get a better vantage point. Suddenly, a prone figure crawled from the haze. I pulled out my SVD and zoomed in, lining the target up in my crosshairs. I slowly began to squeeze the trigger, then saw the face of my platoon leader, Wilson. I sigh of relief washed over me before realizing that this didn't seem right. I looked him over with my scope and saw a bloody spot on his leg and left side. He was hurt bad.

He looked up at me towards my position and gave a few hand signals. Tangoes, 6 o'clock. He crawled down into the river and lay motionless. Was he dead? No time to worry about that now...

Just as I readied my rifle, 2 figures came out of the haze and stopped. One started making a patrol, the other pulled out a pair of binoculars and began looking around. He slowly panned the cliffside and passed right over me. I smirked and lined up my shot, just as he turned back to me and pointed, yelling.

The sound was deafening, and the right lense on the binoculars shattered as blood splattered out behind the dead man's skull. I readjusted my aim and shot the second tangoe in the leg. He fell to his side, and I put a final round through his chest before he hit the floor.

Moments later, Wilson began moving again, giving the "all clear" signal. I ran down and met him, then called for extract. His wounds were tended to, and he owes me his life to this day.

Let me know what you think. I added some of the story parts, but the stuff that could have happened in-game did. Latah. :wall:

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So like... this is probably the coolest subject out there... but nobody is writing anything. I've been waiting for more replies to my story, but if you guys want, I can put in another one. :D I like writing anyway... so no biggy yo. Lol. Latah



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Thanks for the comments, any other good sniper stories? post them here eh?

I don't consider my kill count a measure of my sucess, I count the effect my presence had on the enemy and how stratigic my kills were. Numbers aren't everything.

I'm sure that Mac will be along shortly and tell you about some adventures he and I had during my GR days.

On one particular operation, we were tasked with finding and eliminating a Russian officer on a farm. It was night time, and we were in our element. On this particular op, Mac was working as the sniper, and I as the spotter. Intel told us that our target was near the farm house. As we inched our way toward the farm, we met several enemy patrols, and we lay in the brush until they all passed by. Several times, patrolling personnel stopped and seemed as if they'd seen us, but kept on going. It was very, very tense, but the worst was yet to come.

Once we were in position near the farmhouse, I obtained visual on the target, and verified his identity. Mac informed me that he was prepared to take the shot, and I confirmed the target once more. Puff went the 168 grain .308 round as it left the barrel of Mac's silenced SR25. An instant later, the bullet struck the target at the base of the skull, and the man's body fell into a crumpled heap. Now, of course, the guards nearby were going apey, but nobody knew where the shot had come from, and Mac was covering the area with his rifle, while I conveyed the status of the target to HQ, and confirmed the kill.

As soon as we were ready, Mac and I began making our way to the extraction point. We took up an overwatch pattern, with Mac moving a short distance, and then myself moving, and continuing this pattern. We'd only gone a short distance when, out of the scrub to my left, a soldier came walking right toward me! I thought for sure that he was going to shoot me, but I didn't dare move or prepare to shoot him, for fear of alarming anyone else in the area. I just laid still and held my breath. I must have lay there for 5 or 10 minutes, while the guy piddled around the area, and, at one point, he walked just a foot or two from me. He literally almost stepped on me. In fact, he bent over and fiddled with his shoe, which was inches from my head. All the while, he was oblivious to my presence.

Once genius had lwandered off, I crawled as fast as I could to catch up with Mac and get the heck out of Dodge. At one point, I was forced to crawl through a gutter, in the wretched sewage and runoff, to avoid being spotted by a 2 man patrol in a plowed field.

Eventually, Mac and I did reach the extraction zone, and the mission was a resounding success, but it was certainly the most harrowing experience of my GR career!

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This is SP, so it's not as exciting or awesome as the MP ones that have been told. It's still one of the coolest sniper experiences I have ever had.

It's on the mountain map from the original missions, but it's my own custom mission that will be released in about six or seven months after I make a couple of maps and do some other things.

Anyway, one of the objectives is to eliminate the enemy camp down at the foot of the mountain and then capture one of their surviving commandos. These are the elite chinese commandos I've cooked up. There's an automatic grenade launcher and a pair of mounted machine guns manned by commandos wearing heavy armor and carrying RPK-74s. Instead of risking my entire team, I send down my sniper. I was using Argyll's Delta Force CQB specialists, so he had full stats. Back about forty feet from my perch on the muddy road is my support team, on hold and waiting to come down with a SAW and M203 if needs be.

It took me three minutes to crawl into position with my M98 and M9 kit. I set up and began scanning the enemy position. The machine guns and grenade launcher presented the most obvious threat, but there was a ring of men smoking and talking just behind them. A quick survey of their gear revealed grenade launchers and an RPG launcher. As I'm picking my target, a five man patrol bristling with ammunition and grenades steps out from behind a tent. I curse quietly as I continue my recon and look at them. I finally decide on my target. The commando manning the automatic grenade launcher.

I zoom in carefully and put the crosshairs right in the center of his helmet and fire a single shot. The round strikes dead on, but as luck would have it, the helmet stops the bullet. As the second round loads, I look on in horror as the grenade launcher fires three rounds. They explode just short of my position. Hot shrapnel tore up the bushes ahead of me. I fire a second round that drops the man dead and wounds one of the four behind him. Already the mounted MGs are firing rapidly and I'm taking loads of fire. Two more rounds eliminate the machine gun operators. The man with the RPG tube levels it just as I swing the crosshairs onto his head. He goes down in a spray of blood while the rocket blows apart one of his comrades. The five man patrol meanwhile has set up a base of fire and is manuevering towards me. In comes the support team with their heavy weapons. An M203 round kills two of them and the SAW sends the remaining three running for cover. They take refuge in a tent. Patience is the key as I wait for them to come back out. The first one pops out and I put a round through his knee, tempting his buddy to arc a grenade at us. With no other options, I run towards the men, M9 out and ready. My support team has run behind a rock and is safe as the grenade explodes. I, on the other hand am not. The three men see their chance and dart out, shooting at me. I fire three shots in rapid succesion at the one carrying the RPK-74, then dart left and take a knee. The second man runs for his life as I empty the magazine of the M9 in their direction and then switch over to the M98. The second goes down with eight rounds in his back while the last man fires blindly before I put two bullets right into the base of his skull.

Boy that was long. Good fun though. :D

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Good job, and good story. I only have 1 comment: if the guy was wearing a helmet, why in :ph34r: 's name did you shoot him in the head? I woulda gone either neck or upper torso... Oh well. It's late now, and I'm in no mood to convert an experience to a story, but I'll post one soon. Latah.

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You have an exceptional writing talent and I would love to hear more from you. E-mail me at lblankenship@triad.rr.com and we can talk more about your experiences with the sniper. I would suggest writing more stories in the form of a book. I'm sure you are a great warrior on the battlefield and I would love to have you on my team(just as long as you don't accedently shoot me). :lol: Just kiddin'!

Every man dies,

Not every man truly lives.

William Wallace, Braveheart

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Aight, so this really doesn't have anything to do with GR, but it does have something to do with sniping... hopefully you'll find this cool.

For a long time, I've wanted some sort of sniper rifle. Something that could allow me to simulate the experience of being a sniper. Last week, my dream came true.

My father and I took a trip to a sporting goods store. We walked straight back to the guns and began perusing the options. My dad insisted that we were just looking. Being a minor, I can't legally own an actual gun. So we asked the guy for the closest thing.

We walked down the row towards the pellet guns, and immediately, 1 rifle caught my eye. It was a black stock rifle with a black steel barrel. My dad looked at me, and, knowing my likes, said, "The black one, right?"


The guy handed it to me, and I lined up the red on green fiber-optic sights, weighing the gun in my hands, falling more in love every second. It was a single shot, breach loading rifle(where the barrel meets the stock) which doubled as the cocking mechanism. With a single "pump", the gun built up enough power to fire a .177 caliber pellet at 1000 FPS (most Daisy BB guns fire at about 230, for referential purposes).

I reluctently handed the gun back. My dad asked me, "You like it?".

"What do you think, dad?"

And then he reached for his wallet. :D:D:D

We also bought a scope for it. A Bushnell 4-9x32mm with a light up reticule.


My pretty gun (different scope though)

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What the hell is a lone sniper doing on a recon missions to some crummy old castle in the middle of nowhere anyway? Against elite troops that out number me 60-1? I must've been crazy to accept this one.

Party time dude.

Even though I have no support I do have three things going for me. The first is that it is dark. Really dark - my night vision goggles barely penetrate the gloom in front of me. The second is my rifle - the SR25SD. Not the most powerful of rifles but considering the odds I could use the lower profile. Anyway - it doesn't really matter what rifle you use when you're shooting heads. The third of course is my skill. I'm not gonna spout all that 'I am the tree that bends in the breeze, the wolf spirit on the wind' crap. I am a sniper and if want you dead you're dead. Leave all that mysticism for the movies.

I'm inserted well clear of any patrols. There's a slight breeze from the north east but nothing to worry about. I'm not likely to be making any distance shots.

I scan 360 and wait until the noise of the chopper has receded. All I am left with is the noise of the woods. No animals call out but you can hear twigs falling off trees, leaves rustle in the breeze and my own breath. It is fast and shallow. I close my eyes and steady my breathing. I am calm now. My breathing is slow and steady. I open my eyes. It's time to move.

Moving crouched I use the trees and bushes as cover. Moving a few steps and then stopping. Careful never to get into a pattern. In this darkness I reckon I could pass within a few feet of the enemy and they wouldn't see me. However, I am in the woods - it will be lighter in open ground.

My first objective is a house on the south side of the castle. There's some intel there that needs collecting. I just hope the occupants are in a charitable mood - for their sake of course.

As I get to the edge of the woods I see the target house off in the distance. I bring up my scope and scan the area ahead. To the north is another house - I see no threat from there and it is probably too far away to worry about. There's a two many patrol around the back side of the house but nothing around the front. I move forward and settle myself into a low bush. I wait for the patrol at the back of the house to come into view. After a minute they appear and then stop in plain view. I target the rear guard. I aim for his neck hoping that without one he won't be able to scream. He drops but his friend is on the ball. He immediately hits the deck and starts to fire. He's out of my view though. He can't see me - he's spec firing. It doesn't matter to him, his friends will be along soon.

Speak the devils name and he shall appear!

Out the house, from both the south and west exits come soldiers. I start dropping them - one shot, one kill. I have them coming from 3 directions, all front though. The guy who originally started shooting stands up. I have a target comming towards me (does he not see me?) but I'm not letting my snitch get away. One bullet through the eye socket drops him down. The other guys is really close - his chest explodes and he hurtles back as the bullet catches his spine and launches him into the air.

And then as soon as it starts it is over. It is quiet, the leaves rustle in the breeze. I check the horizon ahead of me. No contacts. Then I hear the faint pad, pad, pad of footsteps behind me and to my left. They're coming from the direction of that house I chose to ignore earlier. Staying prone I turn myself around.

Out of the frying pan and straight into the fire.

There's five guys, no more than 15 feet from me. Amazingly they haven't seen me. I have no time to aim I just react and fire. The lead man drops. I can't wait to aim properly so I just open up. I spray five shots off in their general direction. I'm so glad this isn't bolt action. It's enough because they all run for cover. Three go down whilst they are digging in and the last guy is just bringing his rifle to bear on me when my bullet rips his lung out through the back of his chest.

I don't get a chance to stop because now the castle guards are out and they know where I am. Tracer fire rips over my head. There's too many of them to deal with and those bullets are gonna get me soon. I have to relocate. They're still far enough away to miss me so I stand and run for cover. Except I stand and a bullet rips through my neck. I'm flung to the floor.

I'm now bleeding. My jugular has been hit and I feel my life slowly ebbing away. I stare up into the night sky, only now do I hear the hum of my NV googles. As I lay there I think to myself...

I should've brought a pig.

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