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Stories from behind the scope...


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I am sitting on a knoll overlooking a cliff, My squad is set up in the camp behind the tents, whilst I scout out the enemy force. I presume that they are hiding in a dense clump of trees directly below the cliff.

As I shuffle forward I hear gunfire near to the rest of my troop. I stay put, but over the intercom comes requests for assistance. Knowing that rushing in with only a rifle and an M-9 was foolhardy, I stood my ground as the notices come up that the rest of my unit had been killed.

Three of the enemy force had snuck up the hill as I was moving out, I saw them briefly on the radar, but they dissapeared as my comrades were slaughtered.

I came to a prone position and crawled to the nearest cover, a meager clump of trees. Switching to scope, I zoomed back in on the area toward the base, hoping that the ambushers would come hunting for me...


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They know that I am hiding somwhere, but they don't know how close I am.

I see them poke over the hill ocasionally, but since there are three of them, It would be best to let them pass me and take them out from behind. As they near evey spot of potential cover, one of them pours M-249 fire into the area while the rest launch a grenade. Then they move on to the next cover area.

While they were trying to flush me out like grouse hunters, I was setting up a little hunting of my own. As they concentrated on the clump of trees across from me, I bolted to an already cleared area and went prone. They passed down the hill to link up with the rest of their element.

Now the hunters became the hunted, I crawled forward to the lip of the hill as they went down the hill. All three were running, but presented good enough targets.

The first dropped with a 50. round in the back of his head. The other two spun around and began to lay supressive fire onto my position. I got of one mre wild shot and waited for fire to subside. I slid a few yards to the left and peeked over again, they were walking wairly backwards toward their base, I lined up a shot at the closest and dropped him with a shot to the gut.

Ther other turned and ran for the saftyl of the trees, I reloaded and fired, only to hit air. By the time my next round was chambered, he was safely hidden.

While all this went on, the other two members of his squad were hiding in the same grove of trees he was. One sniper, one rifleman, and one wounded support were all that was left. But I was totally alone.

Being that I had a long range weapon, I decided to take out the sniper first. I crawled back to the ridge for a look at the grove. As I zoomed in I noticed the enmy sniper sitting on the ground. Rifle pointed right at me. I snapped backwards and the shot impacted right in front of me. Knowing he prefered the M-24, took a risk and figured I would have time to line up one shot on him. I lunged forward and took a shot.

The bullet wizzed theought the digital air, and struck the sniper in the base of the skull, slumping him over his rifle.

The other two came out fighting but were shooting in the wrong direction and I elimniated them easily.

After the fact we had a conversation and the asked how I managed to kill 5 of their men all by myself. I explaned my tactics and they accused my of cheating.

Some people never learn......


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Good job! I like the strategy, patience and quick thinking you showed!

5 men isn't a big deal at all and I totally believe you! I take out far more than that on elite playing Willow bow.

Not that its not a big deal, 5 is actually very impressive. But not grounds for accusations of cheationg

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It offten amazes even me how idiots scream foul only after getting their tails caught between their legs and killed.

The one that often screams cheater is the one who could never learn to play the game for fun! Granted there are cheaters out there, but if you ever feel you been cheated just simply find another server to play on!

:rocky: I think your win as you told it, legit and fair...keep up the good work! I salute you! Time to frag some crying wannabe GR soldiers! :o=

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Great post fish and a nice story. well done!

i would have used the SR25 SD but i suck using the sniper, i never have the patience. u done great but i would change to a SD weapon. HOOAH and keep up the good work.


cheaters will always exsist and even the best player will accuse another for cheating when he loses we just live with that and tell them that they can leave the server at any time.

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You do an excellent job of telling a story Swordfish. You have exceptional writing skills along with exceptional sniping skills.

I have never encountered cheating in my recent days of playing Ghost Recon. In fact, I wouldnt even know what to look for. Could someone please tell me how it's even possible to cheat in Ghost Recon MP?

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well sniping isnt the easiest role on GR. every time when i play the sniper i dont manage to kill more than 5 maybe 6 guys but what i try to do is get my team to win. so many ppl cant see that and dont know the real contribution of the sniper, 80% of the dudes u ply with are killing pimps no more no less.

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Well told story my friend, well told indeed. I look forward in seeing more

good work coming form you!

The funny thing about snipers are that they never miss what they aim for

and if you haved survived an encounter with one he didn't miss you,

you were never his target. When you are, you will get it like the ones that

fell before you!

Since I have been playing GR, MP I've taken so far 169 enemy soldiers in my cross hairs in battle as a sniper and have kept a snap shot of each one on disk

for my sniper log book!

:o= "One shot, One Kill...more then that you just gave yourself away!"

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Last nights story.....

My friend and I usually like to play 1 on 1 stalking missions, we both choose our favorite weapons, turn off the Threat Indicator and see who kills who first.

The kills must be made with a pistol, no other shot will count.

This story takes place in one of these missions, i am going to tell it as If i was actually the sniper, but you still should get the idea.


Stalking is a hard business, especally when the man your'e trying to kill is after you. It is cat and mouse taken to deadly levels. you are never quite sure if you are staking him or if he is stalking you. Each moment you anticipate the shock of the bullet passing through your body, your breathing seems to get louder by the moment, your hands begin to shake. But you are comforted that the enemy is experianceing the same thing.

I am the cat at the moment, I can see the vague outline hiding in the snow frosted bushes 300 yards in front of me. His back is turned to me as I advance only as much as the wind moves the grass. The puffs of breath coming from the bushes sudennly cease, And I lose track of the target.

Cautiously, i prop myself up on my knee to relocate..


The round goes whizzing over my head, the next shot is going to be right on target. Quickly I drop to prone and shuffle left, aiming at the spot the shot came from. No second shot comes as I lay in the cold grass for five minutes. I sneak left some more and raise my head. The enemy has melted back into the underbrush.

Stealthly, I move forward in a prone position, not risking a open shot. When I am close to the source of the shot, I stand and charge. He is no longer there, but his light footprints in the snow suggest that he went left, so I go right.

I creep warily from rock to rock, working my way around the mountialn slowly. We have been stalking eachother for more than 2 hours now, and the stress is building with each passing moment. Sweat glistens on my brow as I attempt to out think my oppenent. Little do I know he has been out-thinking me.

As I round the corner of a rock outcropping, 3 shots are fired in quick sucussion, one nailing me in the shoulder. The impact knocks me to the ground and takes my breath away. Struggling to a prone position, I shuffle back around the corner.

Fear grips me now, how is it that he ambushed me, if he runs around the corner, could I hold him off?

Slowly, I creep back around the corner. He is playing a game of hit and run. Now it's my turn. I stand and rush toward the source of the shots, only to see him fleeing. I drop to a knee and empty my clip, he staggers, falls, and manages to drag himself behind a boulder.

Here we are, at the climax of the hunt. Two wounded warriors, each fighting for his life. Action may kill, Inaction may kill. This is a time of lethal decisions.

My quarry is cowed, he can barly move his legs at a low crawl. He can no longer run, he must fight.

We all know that a cornered animal fights the hardest. And so he came out from behind the rock, pistol blazing. The bullets impacted to my left as I returned his shots.

The first 9mm round passed through his upper arm, tearing muscle and shattering bone. The second rammed into his right kidney, rupturing it. The third passed into his uppre thigh, rending the leg useless. The fourth passed into his left eye, desengrating the eye-ball, smashing the socket, and tunneling deep into his brain.

The enemy slumps to the ground, his blood running out in rivulets and freezing in pools. I gather his dog tags, and turn away.

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hey sword fish. do u think it might be possible for me to get a look at that sniper log book...it sounds sweet...if it is online of course haha ... and how did u take a snap shot of ur tv...just with a like a digital camera or with some kinda attachment thanx

love the stories they are very detailed haha...im gonna be checkin in on this quite often to read some more

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