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TOML on its way

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Hey all,

That Others May Live is coming along.

The site's been updated with some screens, check em out!






Check out the "Screens" section"


Let me know what you think of the site's look!

Thanks again!

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I'm curious to know if you've changed the lighting for that retexture of Vilnius. To tell you the truth, I'd rather not see a bunch of dark actors and vehicles running around a map that's bright daylight. I've seen too many mods that just end up in my recycle bin because the retextures are @#$%. Oso's map is a treasure and I'd hate to see it next to some half-assed retexture. If you need some help, give me a yell, Ive already got the Vilnius map file in a "relit" state.

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I wanted to clarify though, I didnt think the one in the screens looked bad, I was just speaking of some other retextures that I have seen in the past. There is of course, no way to make it perfect, but some I've seen in the past were quite horrible(I'm not speaking about Vilnius in particular either).

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Hey all,

We're releasing That Others May Live beta version tomorrow.

This is no way the final product, there will be more to come!

After you try it, if you would like to contribute in any way, just contact us through the website, toml.ghostaholic.com

**Examples of what could be contributed

-An improved RPG

-Desert Maps

-Mission Scripting

-M4 Variation

If you would like to help on any of these, drop us a line.

Look out for the beta!

toml.ghostaholic.com for updates

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Sorry to say, if I want to get a file of a website that demands me to shut down my firewall, I'll just leave it.

You probably have a leech-script running that's causing all this, right?

That's all very nice and good if you have copyrighted material, but if you are running a website that's meant to be for the public, the worst thing you can do is to lock it down for them.

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