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Operation Face - Off


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********** CLASSIFIED INFORMATION **********

Operation FACE OFF


Small village between two mountains in Venta, Lithuania. Recon reports village heavily damaged by previous artillery attacks.

To the north east and south west there are large hills, and the only way for heavy vehicles to enter and leave the area is along the main road, which runs east-west right through the centre of the village.

Just to the south west of the village is a farmhouse, which we will be using as an emergency RV point. Be warned, civillian casualties are not an option, so watch your fire if you get in the area.

Ground Situation:

The enemy have set up heavily defended roadblocks a few kilometers away on either side of the village, and are believed to have tank crews patrolling the road periodically. Our radars picked up small signals yesterday morning, which we believe to be remotely operated helicopters - be warned, they are lightly armed but extremely fast, and have very sensetive detection equipment. Stay out of their line of sight.

We expect enemy patrols of 5-8 men to be circling the village, and the high ground may be occupied by snipers. We belive the village itself however to be relatively lightly held, due to the presence of a transient population, mainly made up of women and children.

The weather conditions are extremely poor, with heavy fog and rain cutting visibility down to around 80 metres. Lighting storms are predicted.


Your mission is to exfiltrate an enemy general, who has agreed to provide us with sensetive information in return for political asylum. We must not let the enemy know we have him however, so one member of your team will carry a stun rifle. Nobody else is to shoot the general, and nobody may retrieve him until all other enemy units are either down or out of the area. We must make them think he is dead - understood?


Today's mission launch code is "RATTLE".

You will insert tomorrow at 0230 hours from the south, we are testing two of a new varient of the STRYKER vehicle for the folks on the hill. This is faster and quieter, but has a limited range. Your 4 man team will insert using the vehicles, and then rig them with demo charges before proceeding to the objectives. You are to take up an observation position in the old church, and await the arrival of a tank with a white stripe at the rear, the general will be inside, how you stop it and access the general will be up to you. We expect the roving patrols to be under constant radio communication, so any attack could unleash hell. Deal with it as you see fit.

Once you have the general and extraction is safe, call in our airmen. The extraction code is "HOLY NIGHT".

Extraction will be provided by Blackhawk with a large gunship escort. Be sure they know where you are, we don't want any friendly fire gentlemen.

Standard procedure is to be used if friendly casualties are taken.

You have the full support of the Armoury, so feel free to contrive your kits from what's on offer. Team leader, I'll leave balancing your group up to you.

If comms are lost, a RED FLARE is to be lit at the east of the village, and a BLUE FLARE at the west to signal intent to extract.

Do not attempt to engage the roadblocks.

Command Structure:

1. Team Leader

2. Specialist Dayanderer

3. Specialist Hagbard

4. Specialist Saintachrist

HQ Call sign is XRAY ALPHA

Primary Frequency is 67.45Mhz

Alternate Frequency is 44.70 Mhz

These are my orders. I will take questions in 2 minutes. (Just post em here )

Your mission report must be on my desk (IN MY PM BOX) within 10 days exactly, that is, 240 hours from now.

The report must be paragraphed, and at least partially captalised. This may be forwarded to the boss, and we don't want him thinking our leaders are illiterate.

Go do your jobs.

Colonel Schenk

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Well, thats mine done.

As soon as the Schenk machine wakes up tomorrow, the judging should begin!!

There will be a poll, with both stories in it.

2 options, SilentNight or Snake.

The poll will be locked, votes only. Discussion can take place here. :)

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