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need help!!!

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well if u want ur maps in quick mission open them in igor

then go to import script import fire fight to each of them

you can do that with like recon and defend as well

last u save each miss to ur c:program files /redstorm entertainment/ ghost recon/ mods/mission/origimission i think when u save go to browse and look fer it its around there i hope that helps i would give u the exzact file path but i dont have gr on right now im currnetly experiencing tenical dificulties if it doesnt work keep asking youll find people that no mmore then me

as fer the 1 dude i dont no i made a character fer soaf but it was differnt i think if u want him on ur team u have to go in igor to the character editer and find the team files and paste him in there but then there is only a chance he will be in ur soldiers list he wont be every time as fer guns i dont no it probly be similer i dont no

ps i made a mod called free yay yo it was 50 cent and the g unit with support from there body guards freeing member of the g unit curntly in prision fer wepon charges tony yayayo i mad a 50 cent character and ayoung buck yayo and loyd banks and none of them worked the mission didnt load so i m not the best person to ask y did i post hear

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