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tell exactly when it crashes, which screens do still appear (or not)

and which error message you get

changed the one thing to like 2000 and 98

/\what one thing??

if you're talking about space on your harddrive your comp uses as RAM, these values are real strange, it should have the first number smaller than the 2nd, but I'm not sure what thing you mean so.............

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:ph34r: I have 256 mb of ram i no my pc meets the specs it all worked up untill i put xp pro on. I tried the compatibility thing it didnot work. The error says ghost reco preformed an illegal operation. but i cant remember exzacly. Now the error wont even show up after i click on the short cut the box comes up that says ghost recon the that disapears and im at my desk top. i have gold edition which includes both expansions and patch v1.4 ubi isn helping niether is microsoft im desperate. if u need more info tell me if u have n e ideas ill try them this is a big deal i was almost done with my campaighn i was making :ph34r:
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