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Looking for Weapon Mod


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The navy seals mod has an open sighted M14 in the rifleman's kit and a scoped M25 in the sniper's kit.

I have been playing the 7.62mm mod, which has an M1A scout rifle with an Aimpoint. I like the Aimpoint, but would prefer a mod with the regular scoutscope crosshairs (like on a leupold or burris). Don't know if there is such a creature, but figured this would be the place to ask. Thanks for your suggestion, and Piccolo's Navy Seals mod is definitely one of my favorites. I like the reticle for the open sighted M14, adds some challenge.

I also did a search and read that there was an M14 scout rifle in the Force Recon Mod. I am in the process of downloading this as I write this (stupid dial-up, that what I get for spending all my money on other things than high-speed internet I guess).

Also, anyone know of a mod that has the Steyr Scout rifle?" That would also be cool.

Thanks again for the help.

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