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:ph34r: hey i just upraded my pc more ram xp pro and dsl and well i cant run ghost recon microsoft jus says reinstall and i cant find n e help i posted in the tech support forum so if u have n e i deas that can help me check fer my post there or let me no here but just incase im wondering what other games there are i could play i dont no what but i like modern tactical shooters i dont want n e ww2 games i want somhing thats modable and still has a multiplayer comunity im thinking rouge spear or swat 3 n e suggestions

honestly i would rather fix gr n e help would be great

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Yeah, save all the xml's in your GR root directory and your mods and then blow it away :thumbsup:

Joint Ops has a very strong online community. RavenShield died a horrible death :angry: and Call of Duty is WW2 so that won't suit.

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hey n e ideas on how to get gr working

iv hered update my drivers but i dont no how

If your talking about video drivers. :unsure: One of the easy ways to update them is to run Windows Update and if they have an updated version of drivers for your card click to install them. It takes care of everything for you. ;)

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