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Sig Award #20

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Theme: Mountains

I can't believe I have to say this - Images of women's breasts are not included in this category and will be disqualified. :angry:

Deadline: August 14, 2004, at Midnight GMT

Judges : Judges are anonymous.

Sig Awards Number 20 is up and running !!

*** ***

BTW, remember to post your entries here in this thread, and I will copy them to the official Entries Thread. This will aid Judging and general viewing of the master pieces. :yes:

Good luck to all. :thumbsup:

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Avey, I said MOUNTAINS, not MOUNDS....  :nono:

:blink: no those are definitely mountains.....mounds are much smaller. ;)

He also has to add his name or tag to the sig...right? Thats a rule.

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nevermind my bad if you look long and hard enough you will see the name Avey appear in the upper right hand corner of the sig.....cool illusion Avey!!!!! :P

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Hey, come on, folks. There's no one out there that can produce a decent sig under the stated constraints? What kind of ghosts are we? Do we complain when HQ gives us challenging ROEs? No! We all yell Hooah, load up and go.

Give zjj a break and let's get on with it. (Am I sucking up enough here?)

So..... how do you make a sig anyway?

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My entry:


PS. I took this picture when I went snowboarding at Heavenly in February. Heavenly is the perfect name for that place. On that day anyway. The day before was a pretty nice storm. Visibility was about 5 feet.

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uh, this is kind of a stupid theme, if you ask me.

Well, then, instead of complaining why don't you offer some suggestions. I have repeatedly asked for people to submit ideas to me via PM. NO ONE has, unless they have been assisting closely with the competition.

I also cannot believe how detailed I have to get with a theme so that it isn't taken out of context and have degrading images or porn displayed in these forums. Maybe you all need to go back and re-read the rules of the forums and the rules for the competitions. :angry:

Yes, I am steaming mad right now and am this | | close to shutting it down, but I'm willing to see this through if you all are.

[sarcasm] So much for fun for everyone. Thanks guys. [/sarcasm]

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