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Full Spectrum Warrior


Will you buy FSW?  

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do you mean when they say it?

My Brother-in-law's co worker told him that the soldiers say the "F" word alot...This is third party info I dont know for sure. I reccomend renting the game first.

That is a fact. I have the Xbox version and they do curse. And it fits. In some circumstances they sound just like guys from the 10th Mountain or 101st.

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I've no idea on the specification needed for this game, sorry.

I'd like to buy every game that comes out, but due to my lack of time & money, I doubt that I will purchase it.

There are just too many other games out there that I'd want to buy first.

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Ive played it quite a bit, and must say it sucks, Its graphics and all are amazing but say there I was with my team behind a rubbish bin, and a guy not 20m away behind a car, clearly top half visible yet my team couldnt hit him. It took like 15minutes for them to kill him with greanades which I had to order. Its to cumbersome in the controls and the view is icheee.

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