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Virus help!!!!


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Somehow, some way, ive gotten a happy little virus on my comp!!!

It kinda causes havok right now, slowing CPU sleed abit, and causing stuff to crap itself. I even got the old school "blue screen of death" the other day.

Im using AVAST antivirus, which I installed, brand new, the other day. It picked it up straight away, and i told it to kill it. It didnt. All this thing does is come back, dunno how, but it does. Hence the "Gen" part of its name. I was using NOD 32 antivirus previoulsy, and it had no idea <_< .

The scariest part is a friend of mine, who is a bit of a genious when it comes to PC's, got the same thing. He ened up having to a format to kill it, whch i dont wanna do.

Can anyone help? Has anyone gotten it themselves? maybe theres a patch to kill it?

Ill post more details after i do another virus scan, file names etc.



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i dunno how i managed this, but Avast seams to have killed the ######.

I did some researching on google, and tons of people have had trouble with this ######. But after doing a full scan last night, Avast killed all infected files, and they didnt come back when i started her up today. So i think i have won

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