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Why are all the rooms N/A?

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Ya,I can't get into any rooms,well I can't even host rooms.WellI can,but nobody comes in,probably because I'm not compatible.

What could be reasons for this?

It was fine the last time I played.

I did do one thing,I took out a stick of 512 ram,and left in the stock 256.

The games and all were downloaded with 736 mb's.

Could this have done anything?

thx ferany help.

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and why removing 512mb? If you want, maybe take out the 256 but keep the 512, tho i'm not sure why not keep the 768?

as for finding people, have you tried ASE? Or are you using ubi? Just do a search for the 'all seeing eye' to get a download. I'm lazy today :D

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If you see that all the games are not compatible, you need to go to the options section in the Ubi lobby and have it verify your version of GR in the lobby options. Then the games that match your version will be marked compatible.

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