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Woundz Version 2 is done!


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This is the final readme, and one screenshot. I'll send it in sometime today.

"'SupWounds V2', by SupRore

This is the second version of my wounds mod.

This mod should work at all times, and does not affect gameplay. The new wounds will even remain visible if playing online.

GR will need to boot with this mod enabled for the new wounds to show up, and will need to boot with it disabled for the original wounds. If you would like to use any of my wounds in your own mods, try to contact me in the GhostRecon.net forums (Screen name 'Sup'), or email me at Supsupandaway@MSN.com"


This is a slightly outdated shot, but it's the best I've got.

There are mostly slight tweaks to the wounds, and the grenade wound has been completely redone. The final size for the mod comes in around 70KB, zipped.

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