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What Does IT Mean>>?

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Hello everyone, this is my first post and I look forward in posting more. I have a question. When I am playing gr and I swich over to suppress, i realy don't know what it means.. Does it mean Fire at Will?Cuz some times they say Keep Weaponds Free. When i first played i thought it mean hold ur fire or what ever...And Recon means stay low and move slow..that right?Will they shoot when they are reconing?And ###### is assault do if suppress is fire at will? Is there a way to make them stay low and recon but shoot at the same time??Plz help me some one!!!

Thanks for your help!FrostByteX

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Assault is basic combat mode, fire precise shots, take cover if fired on. Recon is hold fire, take cover for contact of any sort. Suppress is all out, grenades, and full auto. It's good for pinning the enemy down.

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So that's what RTFM means.

Yeah and its a very very old expression too. I know it for as long as I've been on the net since '94.

In fact, it was the first thing that was told me when I asked obvious questions :rofl: ah good flames, good times.

It isn't really a nice way to say it, but its something that will happen when people insist in wanting to ask obvious questions which they could have answered themself easily.

Read The Freakin' Manual.

of course, the F word can be used in many ways. Be creative :shifty: O, I guess the forums doesn't allow much creativeness either :lol: oh well. you get the idea.

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I noticed them shooting on recon too. One time a team member shot while on recon when I needed to be extremely quite. He took out one guy and I turned around and poped him in the head and hauled butt across the map to get away from there. Someimes the AI makes me mad.

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