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Words not to say in front of your teacher


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This is actually a true story that happened to me about 6 years ago when I was studying Japanese and making lots of vocabulary mistakes.

I and my friend Brian were in the same weekly Japanese class. We were not beginner students, but still struggling with some of the intricacies of Japanese vocabulary. Our teacher was a very cute, first year instructor, about 20 years old. She was very kind, and funny, but totally unprepared for my giant blunder.

We always started the class with a rundown of the weekend and what we did. I was talking about how I went shopping for some Japanese sweets. I couldn't remember the word for what those sweets were called, and so I was describing it quite well, I thought. I said something like, "It's sweet, very popular, tastes good, and I eat it all the time." I was stumbling through different words, "Mango, manji, manbe, .... manko, manju!" Thinking this was the word, I blurted it out, "Yeah, Manko." Brian just about lost it, he was laughing so hard, his eyes tearing up. My Japanese teacher's eyes got huge from disbelief and didn't say a word. In a long space of about 3 seconds Brian finally got it under control and said, "Did you mean Manju?"

"Yeah, yeah, that's it! Manju." Of course I didn't learn until the break when Brian gleefully said that the word I used, manko, is a very bad Japanese word for p###y. No wonder my Japanese teacher went so silent.

I still eat manju all the time.


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ROFL!!! :rofl:

first I didn't know what p###y stands for. So I did a quick search in google.

Than I rembered you discribing this

"It's sweet, very popular, tastes good, and I eat it all the time."

I had to laugh so hard that I almost fell of my chair :rofl:

I wished I was in that class too just to see your teachers face :lol:

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The funny thing is, a few years later at an all staff meeting, Brian and my teacher and I were sitting around reminiscing. I asked her (after a couple of pints of liquid courage) if she remembered that class. She said she did and the three of us got quite a kick out of it again. I guess at the time of my blunder, she was pretty innocent, but has "been around the block" since then.

I told that story to my Japanese martial arts teacher, and he loved it too. :D

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