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An Essay On Stopping Power


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This is probably one of the coolest bits of information I've come across in awhile. Its an essay on how bullets wound, and describes what makes up what we generally refer to as "stopping power". Here are a few quotes...

Kinetic energy does not wound. Temporary cavity does not wound. The much discussed "shock" of bullet impact is a fable and "knock down" power is a myth...

Barring a hit to the brain, the only way to force incapacitation is to cause sufficient blood loss that the subject can no longer function, and that takes time. Even if the heart is instantly destroyed, there is sufficient oxygen in the brain to support full and complete voluntary action for 10-15 seconds.

It is true that the streets are the proving ground, but give me an idea of what you want to prove and I will give you ten shootings from the street to prove it. That is both easy, and irrelevant.

In order to equal the impact of a 9mm bullet at its muzzle velocity, a one pound weight must be dropped from a height of 5.96 feet, achieving a velocity of 19.6 fps.

Handgun Wounding Factors and Effectiveness


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Talk about stopping power: Whenever this chick Samantha Wong in my office walks past, she's so fine I just freeze and stare at her. That's stopping power dude.

:lol: I've almost walked into a telephone pole because I was looking at a hot chick

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