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Stalker V2 - Special Forces


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Is that an affect you used by Photoshop? Do you mind telling me what it is on the 2nd screenshot?

duplicate the layer. then use gaussian blur on the duplicated layer two times (1-2px each time) and when you are done with that, set the blending to "screen"


finished a Netherland KCT (Korps Commando Troepen).

something I worked on today.

the Netherland KCT (as requested by San ;) )

skin is 1024x1024 and all except boots and gloves are custom textures.




this is where I got some inspiration:



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took another break and made 3 new soldiers. but now I'll continue scripting  :P

made 3 operators from the 101st Airborne.

there's also the updated Recon Marine in the pics. what do you think?







Stalker your going to need to change the unit patch, be cause thats the 82nd airborne patch not the 101st airborne patch. I just thought I should let ya know
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