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Learning the Ropes, Redux

I've noticed quite a surge in modding interest for Ghost Recon as of late. With that interest has come a plethora of those most dreaded posts: Requests for help that have been answered a thousand times prior. So, in good faith and in good spirits, I'd like to point out the Modding Recon Section here at GhostRecon.net - it has answers for the vast majority of Ghost Recon-related modding questions. New modders and returning old-timers alike, use the Recon section, for your peace of mind and for ours.



If you're looking for PhotoShop tutorials, try starting with sites like Easy Tuts or Voidix. Some of the content may not seem relevant to Ghost Recon, but you need to understand the basics of digital art in order to create your own textures. For 3d Studio Max tutorials, look on the disks that came with Max. There are a host of great tutorials included with 3ds Max, and most are very well done and easy to understand.

Misc Questions

Following are questions asked often by newcomers here:

Will 3d Studio Max 6 work with Ghost Recon?

No. There are no plugins that work with 3ds Max 6. Versions 3 - 5.1 work just fine, though.

Where do I find the 3ds Max plugins?

On the Island Thunder disk.

Why won't PhotoShop open RSB's?

This could be happening for one of two reasons:

1 - You're using the old RSB plugins. Delete them, and install the plugins from the IT disk.

2 - The RSB format is somewhat buggy. Sometimes, the images will not open on any machine other than the one on which they were created. If this is the case, you're out of luck.

How do I do <this> or <that>?

Look in the Recon section, do a search, repeat. If you still can't find the answer, ask. More often than not, your question was answered in detail in the past. Save everyone some time and research it for yourself. Those of us who were here in the beginning didn't have a forum to run to when we needed help. We had to take the time to figure things out, and you may also have to do so from time to time.

Is a 1st person weapon view possible in Ghost Recon?

No, no, and no. Let me repeat that: No, no, and no. Ghost Recon does not support a 1st person weapon view. If you want to get creative, do a nice render of your favorite weapons in 3ds Max, and make a full-screen reticule of the gun, so it looks like a FPWV. That's as close as you're going to get.

Why do people get so mad when others use their work

That depends upon whom you ask. If you ask one group, it's because a few of us grumpy old ###### think that they are 'elite', and won't let anyone use their stuff. To each their own. If you ask me, I say it's because people need to learn how to do their own work, rather than reap the benefits of someone else's labor. Next time someone asks you, point them to this post. :)

Para, are you grumpy today?

Nope. Just widely misunderstood. <--Haven't gotten that one in a while, but I'll answer it for good measure.


So, there you have it. Your one-stop-guide to Ghost Recon modding. The next person to ask a question that's already been answered will be receive a wall to wall counseling session and an introduction to dimension lumber. :P

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Where do i get 3D Studio Max

You have to buy it. Cost $3,495.00 US dollars.

3DS MAX Website

btw you should make a pin in each of the modding parts. Some people seem to not notice this here. GJ also PARA

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Additional infos by JTF-2

let me explain the main file types and structure [all in a mods main directory]:

Actor folder - contains .atr files (can be opened in notepad). these have tell the game what skin and face texture to use for the characters. Also how many skill points they have and what kit they use.

Character folder - contains .chr and .rsb files. The .rsb's are the texturesfor the characters, these can be edited in photoshop. The .chr's are the 3d models of the characters.

Equip folder - contains .gun files. (can be opened in notepad). These tell the game all of the information for a specific weapon: name, accuracy, magazine size, what texture and 3d model to use etc.

Model folder - contains .qob's. 3d models for guns, items in levels, and effects

Sound folder - contains .wav's. Also the effects.xml. If you want a sound in game you have to add not only it's wav to this folder, but you also have to put it in the effects.xml

Texture folder - rsb's. textures for levels and non-playable characters mostly.

Kit's folder - contains .kit files. editable with notepad. contains information about what guns go in what kit, how many magazines to give them, and what texture to use with the kit.

Map Folder - contains the textures and 3d models for the maps.

Mission folder - contains the missions with written briefings, fog details etc.

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edited a sniper.3ds, how do i use it?

how do i turn it to a .chr file?

You can go here to find Piggyson's tutorial cached. If you run into trouble, read the tutorial again. It is amazingly easy to import character models into Ghost Recon. If you have a Max question, read your owner's manual or the tutorials that came with Max. If you don't have those, because you got Max by ... other... means, then shame on you.

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You can paint skins with Photoshop, if you've got that.

Creating a uniform- or skin mod is within your grasp ;)

Or how about retexturing maps, vehicles or weapons?....also possible with Photoshop.

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Which versions of the following can be used for working with GR mods?

Photoshop PC (I use 7.0)

Photoshop Mac (I haven't tried any yet. Does the plugin work for Mac versions?)

3D Studio Max (It's hard to find old versions, will the newer ones work?)

Thanks guys, just now starting to ramp up for exploring modding beyond the XML files. I've gotten a lot of gameplay out of the things that have been created by others, so it's time to start giving back.


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photoshop 7.0 is ok haven't tried it on a mac. 3dsmax 3 to 3dsmax5 only. for 3dsmax try online book stores for 3dsmax for dummies,it has a demo version disc in the back. i found mine on ebay. hope this helps, :)


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OK, I've finally gotten my RSB headache taken care of after finding the post indicating that the plugin that used to be in the download section is a bit flaky. The one off of the IT disc works perfectly.

Now I'm running into "Day late and a dollar short" problems: many of the tools in the tutorials are no longer on the other ends of the links. On top of that, I've always had problems with fileplanet (anyone remember when it wasn't a PITA back in the 90's?). Something I would like to get a hold of is the Skinner v1.1 utility, and the example map referenced in the beginners map-making tuts.

Would anyone happen to know of a valid link for either of these?

Thanks all,


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