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Durango map


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Ok, I've redone the map to properly setup the collisions for my trees and bushes. I've redone the floor polygon, so the ground isn't what it was the last thread.

There's now just a big hill in the middle for the focal part of the map. I'm adding alot of trees and bushes. Yes and rocks too. It's still a swamp like mission. This is my first map, so If I miss something, sorry. I'll get it next time. I hope to get some screenies out soon.

I haven't done any LOD for the trees sorry, but I'm not that well versed.

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Ok, As I promised. some pics. I suck at making rocks so yes they looks like meatballs.:whistle: so these are some early than early pics. Hope I can get some help on making rocks.


This is my first map with proper collision on my bushes and trees. The trees came from my friend SARC at tacticalgamer.com. I'm quite happy with the way it's going for now. I'll take months to finish this one. Want to get it right the first time. but if GR2 sucks anyway, I'll stick to GR.

Dynamic grass: yep I know. too eraly to worry bout that.

I'll add more brush and rocks. Anyone know the best way to make rocks?

I had to completely redo the floor polygon. Didn't like the first one. I'll look to add some dead trees as well.


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Hey map looks sweet. It really has the swamp feel. For the rocks you can do a Geosphere. Check hemispehere on the parameters. Put segments 2-3 and put to tetra or octa. You can also edit mesh and move the vertices around.

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@ Zeko: :P I already have started.

If I can get this thing going well, maybe it will be ready for this guy -> :santa:

I botched up my map, who doesn't? I accidently deleted my displacement map file so I've designed one where there's low ground on one side of the map and higher ground on the opposite. I was really ###### when I realized this. :o= But we'll see what I can come up with.

as always, thanks Zeko.

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Looking nice.

You can use the Scatter tool in the map editor and then select o to 359 degrees on the Z-axis to rotate and scale 80 to 120 %.

You can then scatter a number of trees random on map or paint them one at the time on a certain spot.

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You should save acouple different names. When i do maps and make something big like add a whole new road or boolean stuff. I usually save it has mapname2.max just incase i dont like it i can go back to the first one. :rocky: .

Map looks great though...keep it up :thumbsup:

sleeper told me this for the scatter tool.

use a rotate offset for z and scale offset for x and select the uniform scale from x. set the rotation from 0 to 360 degrees, scale depends, you can do like 75-150 % or something, i advise you to do uniform scale from x though or you get funny shaped stuff.
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Ok, I'm working on this map today and I've emailed Rocky a copy of a beta.

The concept for this release is just to find out if this map is worth continuing my work on. So your support is greatly appreciated. So I'm aware of this maps current "issues" and will work them out. If Rocky deems this map is a good download, I hope you'll all grab a copy and try it out several times to a get "feel" for the ambient environment.

Lastly, disregard the pictures above as they are not of the updated map as it is now. I originally had water all over the place, but issues I kept running into was places where it was too deep and ran water over my head. So it'll be a muddy swampland minus water but spooky as can be.

Here's the current pics of how the map looks now.;

picture1(looking across ravine from house)





picture6 looking up from ravine at the house

Hope you all like.


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Are you comprimising on your design because it's hard to accomplish? :rolleyes:

Sit down and get your teeth into it and you'll manage the water-issue.

Do some easy test-setups to determine what effect it has and what works and what not.

Keep a maximum of 70cm between the water and the floor and you should be set.

If the ground get's deeper on some spots, you can easily add an mesh-modifier, select the faces that you want flattened, click the "make planar" button and level it out with the surrounding terrain.

That should make it easier for you to adjust the right height in relation to the water.

Another (more correct) method is to select and delete all the faces that are at 60cm's below the waterlevel.

Then simply create a flat polygon that connects to all the vertices to close the gap again.

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but the trees are still facing in the same direction

If you still left the exportfirst models in the max file it will use them and not the copies you rotated/scaled.

Rotate works with exportfirst models, but scale doesn't.

Thats what I discovered, but I was probably doing it all wrong, hehe, but if you delete/rename the exportfirst models it will work (scale).

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@stalker, relax, I have the tree thing under control. I'm manually placing the trees at places I want them to be. but this is due to the fact thaqt my scatter tool isn't functioning right or it may just be me.

the water issue. seems like you think water would be better. I'll do a edit mesh to raise those low areas. and place the water 70cm so you all can cool your feet. :lol:

now, about this "exportfirst" model. can you point me in the right direction to get this done & correctly? If I have to, I'll remove all but one of each kind of tree and start that part over. You won't get this map before december anyway. :whistle:

Deleyt Yes sir! I'll sink my teeth into this sucker and get it done! I'd rather do without something :wall: than try to do it and mess this whole thing up. If I publish this baby, I want to get it right. I just run into brain farts and get stuck and have really noone on my msn or ICQ to be able to contact when I need to.

If you want to, send me a private message to my username here with your msn or ICQ # please. again thanks to the community!

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I' online alot and you can reach me on ICQ: 131304905 and I can try to help you out if you have some problems. When I built my first map I was always sitting for hours trying to figure out of the problem, but couldn't. Then I sent a message to Deleyt and he helped me out almost every time. Two brains think better than one. Map looks cool so far! :thumbsup:

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Looks like you found yourself a personal tutor with Biro, Papa6 ;)

Setting up an exportmodel is real easy:

I guess you're already copying the trees from a basemodel right?

If that's the case, you're golden.

Copy one of your trees somewhere on the side of the map.

Your tree has a name like: r_<lodn><tree>x

"r" represents the room it is in and "x" is the unique identifier.

Delete the entire bit exept the unique identifier and place <exportfirst> in front of it.

Example: 01_<lodn><tree>oak1

Changes to: <exportfirst>oak1

You can use the build-in rename-tool in 3DSM but make sure to save your map before you use it as it's a bit vague to use (you'll see what I mean when you get around to it).

Then rename all the other tree's names to reflect oak1.

Example: 01_<lodn><tree>oak24

Changes to: 01_<lodn><tree>oak1

Next, select the exportfirst-model, open the map-editor and enter in the GENERAL-tab at LOD1 the unique identifier.

Example: GENERAL-tab>LOD1: oak1

That's it!

Next time you want to change your tree, simply isolate the exportfirst-model, change it and export the map again and the changes made in the export-first model will reflect onto the other models carrying the same unique identifier.

Remember that your exportfirst-model will not show on the map, so it's wise to place it outside the map for easy finding.

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@deleyt I just clone the sucker and move the clone to where I want. but the priginal tree name wasn't even oak. I was emailed the tree, but I can delete all but one of each tree and name them accordingly to your specs you just gave me.

Thanks for your help m8. BTW just met an architect on the train home tonight and he is more than willing to send me free .dxf models to use for my maps. I told him about you Deleyt how you had to school for many years and he said he agreed that is the case here in the US as well. All I can say is, hope you're getting your monies worth out of your education for architectural school. ;)

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If you clone it, make sure you make copies, rather then instances or references.

The latter two won't merge well with GR's engine sometimes.

The name doesn't have to be exactly like I put it. It was merely an example.

You can name it anyway you please as long as the unique identifier is referenced properly.

Nice to hear you can borrow some stuff from him, but in the end, making it yourself is so much more rewarding.

I'll leave that decision up to you ofcourse ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Progress has been made. have a look here and let me know what you think.

I've removed 2 of the cliffs, added an oilrig model and textured it mostly so far, I've added stairs to the rig so you can climb the stairs to get on the rig. I'll set up the stairs to allow for you to get up on the other 2 or 3 levels.

I hope this map now sparks some attention and interest.


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With adding the oil-rig it's starting to look like a real map :thumbsup:

Here are a couple of pointers I noticed:

- the grasspatches seem to be overstretched vertically, pulling the texture out of scale. You might want to try to scale the grassplane horizontally a bit to solve it.

- the fog seems somewhat bright compared to the skybox. I think if you tweak it a bit darker it will have a better transition to the sky.

- the rocks are too perfect (circular). Make 'em a bit more odd-shaped. Increase your UVW-tiling of the texture on the rocks aswell, so it has more detail.

- the boundary of the map seems to end abruptly with a flat wall which is odd in a swamp.

Other then that, thumbs up :D

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no worries deleyt, this map is far from being done. however, I'll fix issues before I put this one out.

I've thought about adding a drainage canal on one side the bends off to one side into the distance. I have some ideas for work arounds. keep your chins up m8's. ;)

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