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Just how bright are these guys?


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Just a couple of things about the AI in GR:

The enemy AI is very good, like when you fire at a patrol one guy drops and returns fire and the rest ducks for cover etc

But I've never been flanked. It seems that when under fire they either sit back in cover or advance straight at you. I've never seen the enemy retreat. If you're ever flanked it's because there just happened to be a patrol at your flank and they were drawn by the sound of gunfire.

This happens especially when during single player I bring a machinegunner and use him for suppressive fire. Usually what happens is that the enemy is not supressed, but drawn in and the machine gunner racks up a lot of kills, usually in the exact same spot.

I'd think that when there is a lot of lead flying the AI would not march headlong into it but keep their heads down? But sometimes you shoot ten tangos going round the same corner, one after another. I know it's just AI and it is predictable, but still, have anyone ever seen the enemy fall back, or trying anything but the shortest route? Are there any mods out there affecting the AI?

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there are some mods but i am not 100% sure if they do affect the ai and try playin on elite if u are not that also ups the ai a bit but not much u can also go into igor(the ghost recon editor)and go to tools and mess around in there but be careful what u do my friend made an m16 shoot sideways

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Loke, if you're doing firefight/recon type missions, you can jack up the enemy ai by doing the following:

1) create your own personal mod folder or if you are using a particular mod you like that will do.

2)create an Actor file in your mod, then copy and paste into that folder the opposing_force files from origmiss/ds/it actor folders( ds will be something like opposing force_desert_1 etc, IT will be opposing force_jungle). Highlight first opposing force file, hold down shift key, click on last opposing force file, you should then have all opposing force files highlighted. Right click and then click on properties, remove check mark at bottom in read only box. Files are now ready to be changed.

3) Go into each opposing force file-at bottom you will see numbers next to 4 items, weapon,stamina, stealth and leadership. Try raising the leadership value to 6. That will give you a harder opponent. I wouldn't raise their other stats tho, they are already superhuman shots with iron sights, increased stamina allows for taking more damage, increased stealth makes it harder for friendly ai to sight the enemy. Many folks who do sp, including some of the "realism" mods, have altered the accuracy (increased them sometimes to numbers around 100) of the enemy's weapons to make things a little more realistic. The enemy does flank on occasion though not nearly as much as they should.

Word of caution--never, never change original files--always copy and paste into a mod folder before editing. Also with higher leadership value, enemy will see you quicker and respond faster so move with stealth and have fun. Also with igor you can import a firefight/recon script from the mission folder and increase the amount of enemies. 30 is easy after awhile, 60 gives you a run for your money. Remember, don't overwrite original scipt, save as something like lokefight or firefight60 so it's a new script file.

If it's in missions, the scripting controls much of the enemy actions and can take a long time in igor to script a good mission.

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The realism aspect is debatable though, I guess it's up to whether you want the enemies to be regular para/military and decrease their accuracy, or an equal challenge forgetting the game environment for a minute, or play puzzle-like in which there's practically one or two ways to ever live trough mission with anyone.

My biggest grief is with time limit missions, that are typically unclear about what you really need to do in what order, not to run out of time. Probably the worst is the one where you cover friendly tanks on russian streets (original GR cd), and the only way to ever win is to simply get lucky and survive the first run without being able to lose your demo pointman. If he dies, no demo will ever survive the machine gun from an APC. It can take dozens of tries just to do that because the game does not (correctly) allow accurate fire from movement.

If the assumption is you should be able to play the missions trough with first try, that one is just redicilous. And I hate missions which don't allow me to have some of the team killed, because I want to lose people that die in my campaign. If the whole team dies, it dies. Next mission please. Having to load saves makes it a puzzle campaign, not a war campaign. <_<

Sorry if I rambled a bit but it all relates to how difficulty is utilized - do we play realistic or do we play hero games?

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