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I ran into a bind...My PC HD went awol :wall: and I was in the middle of converting several armpatches for both PC&MAC GR and RVS. I have the armpatches as .gifs on my mac laptop but need someone to make them for GR so that my team can use them.

I really need some help!

Please anyone out there can you help me out???

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Here is the armpatches that I need converted for GR and RVS for both PC and Mac!

They need to be seperated due so certain armpatches can be used at a time. I appreciate any help in this. I hope to hear fro anyone that would like to help me out! Thanks!


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Ghost Recon does not use armpatches,to enable armpatches you would have to make an area within the chr,in 3dmax,as far as remember there was a mod called rainbow 6 that did this,but unless you are profficient in max and can create a chr with an area that can be "tagged" then it cannot be done.

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Thank you, but I was looking for someone that can do this. I use to till my PC died on me and is stuck on my mac. This has stopped me cold at this time in making mods. 3DSM and the .rsb plugin only works for PC not on Macs.

Again I ask any modders out there, could you please help me out in making these armpatches work for GR & RVS to be used on both PC & Macs.


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