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How Are These?


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These are the things I may ask for my birthday. I will toss in a few bills, because it's a hefty upgrade. Anyways, are the things on the link compatible. I read everything and I dont see a problem, but I havent been around computers as long as some of you have.

Upgrades Here

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Um...I assume yours is the first one on the page...couldn't figure out which one you wanted cause I don't know your real name.

Just a minute.

Edit: Ok, if yours is the top one you've got one screaming, albiet expensive system. Everything looks ok except for a few things:

1. Your mobo only supports up to PC2100 RAM but you bought PC 3500...if your thinking of upgrading your mobo later that's fine but you could save some money and get the 2100 DDR instead.

2. It looks like your keyboard comes with a mouse(could be wrong though) and you're getting another one?

3. Don't forget a floppy drive and IDE cable!

4. You got speakers already?

5. Do you have that much money? j/k j/k :P

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