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I wish

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That I had alot of new maps for GR.

before anyone says DL this and that, I wish there was something without all the xtras, I dunno about everyone else but I hate searching through 300 kit options and 20 specialist.. is there anyway we can get the maps only or is there a map only mod?

And I have tried frostbite, a damn nice job on the maps but they were just to big for my liking, Sniper heaven is not a fun place to be (for me).


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nah. I want maps for GR. I see maps being made all the time, but never are they released without all the kits and all the specialist and all the camo and whatever else.

I have played GR ever scince it came out and it's damn near dead anyway, so I'm tryin to stick around but.. I don't want to waste my time of whats goin to be left of GR searching through kits and specialist.

Thats just me of course. Oh and SOAF sucked.

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There are a lot of maps in the download section that don't use extra uniforms and weapons etc. These are a few of the good ones. 1. 10mm Map Pack V1.1 2. MLP Map Pack V2 3. GRS Map Pack 1 V2 and many more single maps are also there. :thumbsup:

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