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Welcome to the Sniper's Logbook Log book.


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Welcome to GhostBattle

This is a new ladder, dedicated to Ghost Recon & Ghost Recon 2.

The idea with this ladder is that people who love this games will have more to say how thease games matches shall be playd.

Sign up your team and tell your members to join and show what you go for.

For the moment there is only one ladder up (Sniper), but we will start more soon.

We need your ideas!!!

Check It Out !!


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Here is suggestions for the rules. What do u think.. :whistle:

Game Type: Hamburger Hill

Identify Friend or Foe: RETICULE

Use Threat Indicator: OFF

Random Insertion Zones: ON

Time Limit: 30 Minutes

Game Mode: TEAM

Respawn: NONE

Map Reps: 1

Available Kits: Only Sniper Rifle & Pistols or x-tra magazin

Auto-Start Timer: OFF

Allow Observers: OFF

Arcade Mode: OFF

AI Backup: OFF

Random Teams: OFF

Replay: ON

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