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Sniper reticule


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Ok I made a sniper reticule much bigger than the original.

I made it 512px*512px. I thought that won't be a problem but in game my reticule is to the lowright corner of the screen an only shows 1/4th of the reticule.

Than I made it the size of the original 112*112px and it alligned perfectly.

So how can I make it bigger? I know you can(sniper armoury), but how??? :wall:

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Hi Spyro

You have to adjust the gun file for the weapon too buddy.

IF you have the same numerical entries in the .gun file the reticlues gets chopped.

For example if the original .gun file section says this:












and you re size the reticle by say 4 times, then the figures need to look like this:












The number of times you magnify the reticle you have to mulitply the figures in the .gun file too ;)

Hope this solves your problem but any probs drop me a line and i'll take a look for ya :)

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