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DTD Team Mod goes Gold!


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Our DTD Team Mod is an equipment and character mod for Ghost Recon, designed for SP and MP, and is n excellent addition to GR. This mod provides a diverse and versatile weapons selection, and some great characters. it's a relatively small download, get it today!

:: Replaces all default characters, default specialists, and MP characters.

:: Replaces all OPFOR (enemy) characters, with increased difficulty level and AI settings

:: Replaces all default US weaponry, and adds about 75 high-detail weapons

(Tactical carbon-fiber stocked M16SPR, Carbon-fiber AUG, Fobus "First Samco" M4A3, HK M4, FN F2000, XM8, Daewoo AR100 para, etc)


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Had a chance to breeze through it, been kind of busy with work.

Everything is top notch as usual, the skins and .chrs are great, the weapon models and textures are right up there too.

My only beef is the lack of new sounds for the weapons. :(

Overall, I think it's worth the 48.5MB download. :D

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Real nice mod, the m16's, m4's, mk48, and spr's are just a few of my favorites in this mod. One thing i noticed is that the m4 with the m203 in one of the specialists kits shows transparency (like a window through the gun showing the environment behind) between the m203 and the m4's handguard. I know that some guns in this mod have transparent area's ie spr and m16/m203 on purpose but not sure if the m4/m203 is suppose to.

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Just downloaded the mod last night. EXCELLENT WORK! Played MP with a couple of friends and the only negative experience was found when I set kit restrictions to DTD Spec Weapons...while cycling thru kits, CTD. Happened when I was hosting whether I was solo or had others on the server. Something I am doing wrong or have set up incorrectly?

The reticles, especially, seemed to get rave reviews....

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OH MY FREAKING GOD! I love this mod...even though I do have a small complaint...the sound on the M21 is missing...and I see no secondary for it...no biggie...but I was lookin forward to hearing the M21 after hearing the other rifles...almost creamed my pants...good job dudes!(dudettes if any)

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"News for 7.02.04>The DTD Team Mod has been upgraded to version 1.1.. Version 1.1 Update corrects an issue with a kit in the "team spec" weapons kit restriction for MP, and a few other minor tweaks. Please delete the old version and install this version, since files were removed/replaced a patch will not work correctly. The DOWNLOAD is the same size, @ 48MB, available below! Sorry for the inconvenience, but we wanted the mod to play perfectly."


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Yeah, the M21 sound is also fixed, along with the reference to the M16A1 kit which caused a problem in the team spec kitrestrictions file. Other than that, just a few improvements, but not really fixes. I wanted to get the update out asap, before most ppl DL'ed it. I was kind getting tired of doing all the patches, confusing to ppl. The mod isn't that big, plus I removed a couple things so I just made a full version upgrade. Enjoy!

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HI Cocobolo DTD.

Beforehand thanks to all the TEAM involve in the creation of this Mod.

Always FUN !! :yes:

We check ur forums at the DTD team mod Bugs,but we didn,t find any thing about the

XM8 grenade launcher"dtd_fn2000gl", that is specified in the Gun files as dtd_xm8.gun








p.s.no kit,etc.


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Yeah, saw the problem with that ret. Anyody who wants a quick fix to the m60 ret can do this, paste the following lines into the m60 gun file and the ret will appear in the correct propotions.












I'll correct it in the 1.1 download, I don't think a new version number is needed for just this, but if there are more small issues I'll put them together for a real patch.

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Hi DTD´s

... using TEAM MOD, everytime I play a Campagne ... if there are allied

Characters (Africa Burning, 1st Mission and original GR Missions) all got

the same type of face ...

What can I do to solve this problem? ... and thanks a lot too for giving me

much more joy with GR

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