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Hi guys,

Any chance that someone could do me a new sig please.gif

Some inspiration ideas:

"Cobblers" is someone that makes shoes, "Silent Troopers" is the clan I am in, so whether these could be incorporated together with an army/GR2 feel, I don't know!?!

However, I'm not very creative, so if you want to do something very wierd and wonderful then please go ahead! :)

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how does this float your boat:


Its not exactly what you asked for, mainly me messing around with fonts and techniques.

I can knock you up another one, or a matching avatar if you want :rolleyes:



By the way, I do still have that old sig you did me Silent. Always been appreciated


Ah those were the days. Didnt even have Photoshop back then. Or colour charts to make sure my colours were right :rocky:

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bow.gif Absolutely brilliant m8, really like it!! :D

A matching avatar would also be superb too if you can m8. TBH, I was hoping you would do something out of the ordinary for me.

You sig's are well improved from that old one you did me, you're getting well good at them now m8! I'll make sure I add a little note underneith the sig for you too.

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<_< very cute avey with the little quote when the REAl AVATAR is there for a while

"I cant Spell" <_<

(mumbles to self that he wishes he could remove the "I cant Spell" crap out of the Ava <_< )

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oh thank you avey, you just reminded me of a convo i had with mike a while back, Your fiendish business has jogged my memory of a malicious plan that was never enacted.

(mumbles to self that he wishes he could remove the "I cant Spell" crap out of the Ava 

thats cos aveys brother made it avey didnt know about it he thought it would be too easy so he let his bro do it for fun cos his bro comes here with a guest account and saw it and bugged avey until he let him do it

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i think i can work it out mate...... but then i might need to get my brother to do it for me and then i can post it cause hes a guest here and i thought icould be funny to let him as me in this to fool all here and make a twist so that i make it real bad cause i think its not that hard and i will beat you better next time as i post as me :wacko:


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