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Sig Request Thread

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hmmm well my flash sig here is plain in some areas and the booster flares in the back are solid

Could any of u sig makers please put something in the backround and try to do something with the booster flares

NOTE* try not to go over forum limit for size :thumbsup:


EDIT**** can u guys also o something about the mountains thxEDIT****

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hmmm ask Silent Night he made it

or if u dont want to make a sig using the robot in my flash sig well ill put the pic so u can use the robot from scratch or whatever


thje robot only and maybe the missiles with the AMS system shooting at em

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hmmm ask Silent Night he made it

errr not quite mate, i made the one before this one. Snared Gambit made this one (the flash one).

But ill try to make you a new one if you like!

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Wheres my main man snake at??

Ive just spent the best part of 1.5hrs fighting with my pile of sheet computer tryin to make this for im:



I couldnt get the rockets in there, but added some fun little plans for a robot and stoof. The animation was a (female dog) to do. I tried about 7 different effects, but they were all to big. So i did this one, then dropped the colours down, and finally got it with the rules (30.something).

enjoy it mate!!

its late, and im a little crazy...

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wow, thanks guys :thumbsup:

Im glad u like it snake!!

Oh, and its not a Zaku, its a:

RCV-06 "JAK" Standard Robotic Combat Vehicle

I found the sketch HERE , then added the little lines and arrows, then chucked in that gun pic, then put a grid on :rocky:

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