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Offensive images on GR.NET

White Oak

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Bah all you dial-uppers are going hig-speed.  I CANNOT GO HIGHSPEED!  Because I live in the Boonies (mind, you I do enjoy living where I do) I cannot get cable or bb.   Me no like all you fast internet people :D .

Reminds me of when I visit my parents. They live in the middle of nowhere and get on average 36kb/s ( :'( I miss my 750k/s (on average, although I've had it up to 1.5MB/s) cable when I visit). No option to get broadband as the phone company won't upgrade the ancient telephone exchange they have to use for landline comms. :(

On a side note, until recently broadband internet was expensive and considered somewhat of a luxery in Australia (well, Victoria anyway) with prices ranging from $60/month for 500MB up to $270/month for 10GB and max speeds capped between 250k/s to 750k/s... :blink:

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