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Why are men happier that women?


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Red Six, this is Sky Hawk. We've spotted a large group of hostiles advancing to your location. I can't see how many of them there is for certain, but there's a **** load of 'em! They're closing fast, all directions. Sky Hawk out.

All elements, this is Red Six, get ready to fall back. I've contacted HQ and got every ground unit, vehicle and air unit possible on the way. Our reinforcements consist of tanks, APC's, AC Spectre gunships, Little Birds, B52's with their nuclear "arclites", Mike Force, REMF's....Red Six out.

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.:Nightmare:.,Jun 28 2004, 16:36 ]
y does nightmare have a problem with zjj?

I don't.

Stalker started it, I'm only joining in the fun.

I don't have a problem with her.

She's nice.

I wrote "sth. for zjj" in the topic description, because she did not like my previous joke :wall:

that's only some fun.


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