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Do we have to extract each file into the "correct folder"?

Ouch good question - what have you done Sixpence :(

The patch folder name doesn't match the original mod's folder.

Jop. There is no *.exe File available. You have to do a little bit work yourself :P .

Plz read the the patch install Fiel, its easy and simple :D

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I installed the patch using the folder structure into the mods folder and it installed like a separate mod. When I activated both as mods, it worked fine, except the new gunsight reticles were replaced by the standard ones, but the errors fixed by the patch, ie., "white arms", M60 gun sound were fixed. I liked the new reticles, so I activated the mod without the patch and the reticles returned.

There was one thing - the M16/M203 had no zoom. I adjusted this to give it a zoom factor. I thought the M14 sounded all right, but, I don't know much about guns. Also, the M249 has no zoom, that's probably realistic, but, I changed it to give it the same as the M240.

It is a great mod and tons of fun. For those who could not finish the first mission, mine ended fine - did you set a charge at each truck and get the appropriate message? The second mission is great, terrific building models.

Back to the patch, if you extract the folder contents to the same folders in the original mod, will the reticles be removed. The M60 still doesn't sound right. The sound file for the original M60 from DS would be better.

It is a great mod, as is one of my particular favourites, BRM2.

(Readjusts his flame retardent underwear and prepares for the firestorm)

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The desert MARPAT looks real nice, just like the other two.

Six, you are a danm good modder. My only complain is on the sniper kits....Doesnt have any. :lol: The regular snipers doesnt have any kits, they are seen holding no weapons, and if you select them anyway....they will start with the classic rifleman kit 1 : M16 + M203, even activated with weapon mods.

I am very happy, 'cos most of us have never participated in such active way in a Mod development.............feels great.

Keep up the good work.

PS: Did you guys see the president's visit at Camp Lejeune? Almost all marines were on Woodland Marpat. Cool :lol:

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the m60 sounds terrible!it has a very good sound on armored core5.why can´t you change it?or is there a way for me to change it myself.I don´t even use it on meu 10,because of this weid sound.its too bad,because I liked using this heavey weapon! <_<

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hey-first of all superb work on the mod. it refreshes the game completely!

I did have a question that I wondering if someone would help me out with....

I was wondering if there was any way at all to alter the marine's headgear so that they did not have those hats on?

I ask b/c I noticed that when I ran the desert and basic mod together, the char. selection screen sometimes shows all of the marines without their covers on; although, they still wear them once the mission starts (wierd huh). I personally enjoy the skins without the hats and I was wondering if there is anything that could be done to remove their hats ingame. I really appreciate it. thanks much

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Hi bigmilt16

Go into Mods\USMCMEU10\Actor\rifleman

Click on a random file, it should look like this:





<ActorName>Rick Kenson</ActorName>

























Delet the bold text.

Note: You have to this to every file in the Rifleman, demo and heavy-weapons folder!! Goodluck :lol::lol:

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