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MARPAT or ''digital camo'' as its also known as, is supposed to help hide soldiers from nite vision and other optical devices+it helps blend into the enviroment.

I heard that it absorebs light or doesnt reflect as much, and the way nite vision primarily works is by recieveing light that is being reflected off of surfaces.

The reason for this is, this is a new age of combat where almost all type of technology can be obtained from any where. You can go to a store and buy almost military grade nite and thermal vision, so imagine what a faction with bad intentions will do.


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Sixpence hosts files on his site, and we will mirror it at FP, as sometimes he gets overloaded with downloads.


Sorry , i have no own site. I host all my work on


(usually i send CD via Snail)

Please be so kind and download it from this website !

The USMC 31th MEU Mod is currently in Beta Testing Phase. I wanna make a little bit fixes, but the major work is done and the release date is near. :rocky:

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