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MARPAT is the new digital pattern camo that Is slowely being phased into the Marine Corp. Its similar to the Canadians CADPAT.

Supposedly it went through some pretty rugged testing over at the Marine scout/sniper school and is supposed to be pretty effective.

As for the differences..I cant remember off hand if they have a seperate tropical and forest colors, but I have heard a couple of times that the ones seen on the Marines in IT arent quite right....not positive though.

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Do you guys have any pics of the MARPAT or the CADPAT? I cant send screenies 'cos i dont have a homepage :(

Does it look like the skins on the Marine Expeditionary Unit (SOC) pack

(by Lloyd Bailey) or like the skins on USMC Uniform pack (by The Godfather)?

What do you mean by digital pattern? :blink:

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Now i know about the digital stuff.

Here is some aditional info:

At the beginning of 2002 the USMC commenced phasing in a new combat uniform. These new uniforms are set to replace all currently used uniforms by the year 2006.

A feature of these new uniforms is the new camouflage marine Pattern (known as “MARPAT”). This has been extensively tested in the field and proven to be very effective tactical camouflage. It was selected from over 100 offerings with eventually the two top patterns being MARPAT and a new Tiger Stripe (like in Free Lybia 1.4 ?), which was eventually edged out by MARPAT. This new pattern is a customized digital pattern using 4 optimized colors for the Desert, Woodland and Urban patterns. The Urban pattern is still in testing process and is not yet officially adopted.

Sorry guys. These are the only pics i've found, but these are the coolest toys i ever seen :lol:




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Those are nice pics. :lol: Cant wait to DL it

Will you make the DESERT MARPAT & URBAN MARPAT (Only Skin Mods) as a patch? Or will we have to activate both of then to play it all?

This does not concern this topic, but Mast's M40A3 sniper rifle idea is cool, specially a SD one ! :P Can you include it?



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Well, thanks a lot for introducing my little topic! I hope everybody can learn about it as i did!! :lol:

Once again, keep up thje good work, SIX.

"MARPAT Posted by Rocky on Monday, February 24 2003

From Sixpence comes news of his latest Desert Siege modification - a skins only mod based on MARPAT camo.


When the mod is released, we'll post full information here. If you are unsure what MARPAT is, check this interesting forum thread for details."

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