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Drop at the Count of Three !


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Last night, I teamed up with BG ScornDrake of Seawolves Tactical Assault Team (STAT), and several others on a server doing some team play adversarial. We both were using Roger Wilco. ScornDrake was watching my six, when the other team made their attack on our position. At all times he made it tough on them cause of how well he used cover to protect him from incoming enemy fire. He took 1 of them that sneaked up on my blind spot, and proceeded to lay down suppressive fire for me to make my escape form my bad position I had taken.

The last 3 enemy team members made a last ditch charge on me, while in the middle of reloading my Colt M-4. ScornDrake on the mic shouted to me to run to him no matter what! I didn't understand why until after I seen him run past me, he made a last command, "just make it and get who ever is left that makes it!" I seen that he tossed a hand grenade at them and it had taken one of them out, then while he was getting hit covering me dropped another grenade at his feet. He soon after it had hit the ground so did he, dead! The last 2 ran up to his body when the grenade went off. He had gotten one of the 2 and wounded the other and I then sniped the last one that tried to limp away!

I was still in awe over the fact that he would try to keep me alive no matter what, and not knowing me. He simply said to me after the game that he does that for any of his teammates.

"Oh come on Stan! Not everything ends the way you think it should! Besides, audiences love happy endings." :rocky:

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Pvt. Swordfish, I have to say you played those missions well against the OPFOR. Nicely told about the last mission played of the night!

I couldn't let you get killed on your first outing as a STAT member not to mention I feel that my team is more important than my own characters life!

I cover everyone's six that is on my team no matter who they might be from other online gaming teams.

I still live by the Army Core Values that have been taught to me while in the Army;

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage

I feel that even in GR teams these still hold true!

My Loyalty is to the Seawolves and anyone who I play with on my team in combat.

My Duty is to make sure that my team makes it through any mission played to the best of my ability.

I Respect all the players who I come to play with and or against and have fun in the process.

My Selfless-Service is to lay down my character life if I have to, to ensure that my team makes it and finishes any mission started or win any battle that they can.

I hold my Honor highly whit comes to the teams I play for and against. I will not cheat and will not lower myself to the level of that in any game I play.

I try to hold my actions back not to harm the Integrity of the Seawolves in which I am a proud member of, for I am a representative of the team when playing any and all online sims that I participate in.

I prove my Personal Courage everyday while playing GR with my fellow team members as well as players I with from time to time!

The games that I played with Pvt. Swordfish where to prove that buddy system works in GR and that even with the odds stacked against him that he will always be on top if he has faith in his team to watch his back as he does the same for them. Pvt. Swordfish has proven to me he has a set of values in GR and will watch my Six! For that I am proud to call him a friend of mine! :D

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Well told story SwordFish, and to you ScornDrake...you are the kind of person I would want to be my squaddie in battle. I myself live by the Ranger Creed. I recite it daily, and strive to live my life on those principles. I would be honored to serve with you whether it be the Battlefield of Reality, or the Battlefield of Virtual Reality. HOOAH!!!

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