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Ok, I'm really p'd off at some stuff about here.

It seems that humour is not tolerated.

On that note - I'm wrapping up my posting here with this thread.

Throwing the rattle out of the pram if you like, but it's a statement of my real disgust at the way in which certain posts that I have made have been 'moderated' (surely an abuse of the word, should there ever be one).

I know the rules are there for the protection of those that might be offended by someone criticising them (better not let them out in real life, eh - might get the shock of their lives) - and I cannot challenge those rules or said moderator.

I therefore have two choice - bite my lip (again) or beat it.

So I'm beating it.

*hoorah* I hear ye all say.


...I love you all.

(not you though!)

*Synco bows out and becomes his evil alter-ego Wee Boz once more*


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######, jeez, that's a shame, your like one of the most well known, long time member of these boards... :'(

I hope you reconsider and come back/get the probs sorted... I'm sure many'll miss you.

Take it easy dood, c u at TE!

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