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Well its that time again, myself Avey and Mac will be sitting our A2 and some AS resits this month with the rest of the country, January exams are o.k thou cause there arent many, Im sitting a DT resit tomorrow at 1330 cause I got aa C overall and messed up the exam so with a little effort should be able to do better. And then next week Ive got Geography A2 paper. Ekkk Wish me/us luck! Good luck to the rest of you sitting soon.


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i dont have to take any tests this year cos im takin the year off!! Break between school and uni, my time is worth money now!

But good luck guys, i have no motivational words for you because there arent any that work, just do it. i know your pain....

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Finally have all of my grades in (lazy ass Hum. teacher)...

A: Anthropology

B: Lang 120

B: Psyc. War and Military Strat (bad test, oops)

B+: Hum 124: The Ancient World

Looking forward to Principles of International Relations, and American Political Behavior next semester...

Dreading Intro to Stats and Hum 214: Medieval World

I'm going to have to add one more class later on... yuck.

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