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Well, start with Aveys fav subject, Biology, failed that as Avey told me I would many times. But so did the rest of my year so I suck at that. We all gonna have to resit the exams for it in January. Then Design Tech did good in that got a C overall, but need to resit my graphics design paper and bump that up to a B or A overall.

Then Geography and IT :D Well scored straight top level A's so yay for that!

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Nice one man.

I remember when I got my result through (which was years ago)..... I got an F for RE, I was well chuffed with that....the exam was like: "Where was Jesus born?", so I put down Milton Keynes for a laugh. I did stuff like that for every question in that exam. Suprisingly, there must have been some truth in my answers - I would have expected to get ungraded with answers like that.

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any of you pommy lads who have still got your final year ahead of you, and need hand with your IT, im doin a final year course now, which i imagine would be pretty similar to yours. gimme a yell if you need help!

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