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I've got some pretty good ones of a G36...a C model though unfortunately.

Only decent shots of a K model I have has the stock folded.

Try these ones on for size though, might be of use



(Bloody computer is screwy again and won't let me click the "http://" link thingy :wall:

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I am working on a G36 right now in Lightwave for a highschool project. Its a very nice weapon, im working on texturies now and firing effects, I have some pics and links for ya. Well im not sure how to put pictures on here (so sad this gun is super detaled) but i got some links to where I got a referance.

HKG36 site 1 This site is in strange text, but it has some good pics of all G36 C and K.

site 2If you want to getinto more detal this link is for you.

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Sheesh, SnowFella -- not to be rude or anything but any photograph only offers on angle, view and perspective that will have lighting that will conceal details that will be visible in other pictures.

If a modeler doesn't have access to the actual item being modeled, or a scale model, as much information and as many pictures as he can get a look at is valuable.

Models rendered in games are typically rendered at sizes smaller still then the pictures I linked -- a hole perspective image that is smaller then your inter-ocular distance and doesn't require you to shift your eyes to see everything can be very helpful..

I'm just trying to help; what are you trying to do?


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Cobra6, I'm just flat out amazed at the amount of texture pics you got.

"Hey man, I want to do a 3D model of a toilet with pink zigzags with purple polka dots."

Cobra6: "Sure man, high or low res?"


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I have 1.24gb of gun's, parts, and accesories. I have over 900mb just in finished weapons. Since I live in California it will be the only way I can ever get my hands on these things. I am a poor mans weapon collector. :)

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@Hoak: just trying to help here too mate. Been around for quite a few months making weapons so I pretty much have a good idea what type of detail most ppl are looking after in pics, also got a pretty decent library of pics even though Cobra has me beat by about 0.5 Gig :( . Usually if I have good enough pics I do my textures double the size that they will appear ingame with, easier that way to map the texture onto the model without any flaws. ;)

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Couldn't agree more! Some weapons can be a pain to find decent pics of...although with some good contacts or immense patience with searchengines you can still get your hands on pretty much anything you'd want.

Rule no 1 for a weapons modder is to save everything you find onto the harddrive at the moment you find it, nothing is more frustrating than coming back to a site the week later just to find that the pics has been removed or trying to remember where in the **** you saw those great pics a month ago. :angry:

I generally save everything I find of proper quality even if I know I'll most likely never will need the pics...you just never know when you or someone else might need them.

Edit: you just never know when you will stumble across a goldmine. Something like this for anyone wanting really HIGH resolution shots of a few handguns, images up to 3008x2000 :blink:


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I know...nearly fell out of the chair when I saw it, found it totally by misstake too! :blink: Was looking for something totally unrelated and that one came up ontop of the list in Google.

Just a shame that downloading the pics takes forever using my old K56 connection :angry:

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