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Be carefull when you use your email.


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True story.

Today I got a mail to my "spam adress", the one that I'm not so carefull with. (john.andersson@home.se). Someone named Peppe asked if I wanted to have a beer this weekend and he called me Johnny in the email. I was confused for a second since my gaming name is Johnny but I soon realised that it was a mistake. I contacted him and told him so. Only a few hours later I got a email back saying that Johnny had just resently got a new email and that he must have given him the wrong one (misspelled or somehting). He thanked me for pointing that out to him.

30 minutes ago I got a new mail from a girl named Pia and here is a translation of that mail:

Hi and thanks for your mail. Of course I would like to see you again, and I'm glad that you think that I am the hornies girl you ever meat. We have to get togheter again soon when your wife and my boyfriend isn't at home.

I have put the pictures you took of me on my computer and I'm sending you some of them. They didn't turn out so good, I look awful.

See you soon, love Pia.

Included was 5 pictures and since this is a family forum I'm not gone post them here. :P

I wrote back to her, thanking for the pitures but told her she got the wrong guy. I also mentioned the other mail I got from Peppe and asked her to get in touch with Johnny and straighten the email adress out and I wished them good luck in the future with the secret love affair.

This is about 30 minutes ago and my wife is still laughing. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Again, true story, promise. :yes:

So next time you send email and its confidential, be sure you have the right email. :thumbsup:

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I got a reply from the lady (which I never thought I would) and she was very sorry and made a sincer aplogoy. I replyed and told her that it was ok, me and my wife had a good laugh (at the situation, not the pictures) and that the pictures was deleted. Which they arn't but I have no entention in spreading them around. Unless the price is right... :whistle:

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