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I'm sure the flag swaying could be done as keyframed animation in max. I'm not positive that the GR engine supports the Flex modifier which would have been the easiest way to make the flag flap in the breeze. It works on the vertex sub-object level and I could have sworn reading somewhere in the pdf that sub-object modifiers aren't supported by the engine.

I figured that it would be easier to use the hard coded wind swaying that trees have in case someone wanted to make a mission where there was no wind which would make the flag flapping slightly unrealistic.

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Hi, I am new to Ghost Recon mods having just completed the game. I downloaded TOML and activated it, and played the night mission. Is it possible to play a single player mission in the daylight also? I would really like to get a look around with the lights on. Any help is appreciated.


Wrong thread!

TOML is in Modding\General

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