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I am on the verge of virtually chucking this computer straight out the window!!

I've just moved the 'puter, from downstairs to my room upstairs. It was downstairs temporarily until I could get a phone extension lead upstairs so I plugin the modem cable into.

So I managed to get it sorted, computer is upstairs in my room on my brand new computer desk. I plugged it all in proper. And then the modem starts going crazy.

It don't wanna connect to the 'net. It dials up fine. It just won't connect. I've done everything:-

- I've take out the modem lead from the 'puter and whacked it back in. To no avail.

- I've taken the modem lead out the phone extension lead socket and plugged it back in again. Dial up again. Still won't connect.

- I've even thrown the blasted thing (phone extension lead, not computer, lol) against the wall several times and it still don't wanna work!!

The thing is, I've had to plug the phone extension lead part into a different phone socket from the one in the kitchen/dining room (which is was plugged into when the 'puter was downstairs). I plugged it into the one in the living room cuz the phone extension lead wasn't long enough to run it back to the kitchen/ dining room socket. I though at first that it must be the phone socket in the living room, but it ain't, I plugged a phone in there and that worked fine.

It was coming up every so often "No dial tone...." I JUST PLUGGED IN THE PHONE AND IT WORKED SO THERE IS A POXY DIAL TONE STUPID MODEM!! Then after it kept saying that, it dialled up but didn't connect. So I managed to pull the cable just enough to plug it back into the socket in the kitchen/dining room.....still no luck (until it just connected just now that is)

So I unplug all the phone leads etc and plug 'em all back in again.....still to no avail. By this time I had been sat here literally for 2 hours clicking the "Connect" button. I must have pressed it literally hundreds of times. Each time I pressed it, I let it dial up, but then it wouldn't connect so I had to re-connect but it still didn't work.

So I been doing a process of elimation and I narrowed it down to one thing: the modem itself. I had this problem back at the last house. Sometimes it would connect but then go dead while loading the homepage, wouldn't load. Sometimes it just would not connect. It can't be the new phone extension cable because if it was, it wouldn't have connected right now would it? It's not the phone socket. It's gotta be the modem. AFAIK it is an old(ish) modem. I took the modem out and checked it over. Absolutely fine. No scratches/abrasions/btreakages on it anywhere. Not even a single speck of dust on it. Putting the modem back in didn't help it connect....still wouldn't connect. I've also ran virus scanners etc just incase it was a virus etc but it wasn't.

Like I said, it only just connected just now when I plugged the phone extension lead back into the kitchen/dining room socket....but it didn't connect the first time. Nor the second. Nor the third. Must have been like the seventh time it dialled out before it finally succumbed to me shouting abuse at it and threatening it.

An NO IT ISN'T because my ISP that it ain't connecting. So what if I'm with Wanadoo....my brother has got his own rig. He has EXACTLY the same internet package as what I've got from Wanadoo, but my brother don't get no problems whatsoever with his modem not connecting. That's another reason why I think it's DEFINITELY the modem.

I'm a go out and buy a new modem I think. See if that works. I know what make etc of modem it is in this rig at the mo', and I know it's a V90 modem (if I buy a new one, I'll get a V92).

So, any ideas what's causing this? Should I buy an new modem? If I buy a new modem, should I get my ultimate retribution on the old modem by setting fire to it?

I need some help here with this guys

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It appears to be working now. And don't go a-dissing my cable!! I bought that cable yesterday, cost me £11.99

Got the cable while I was out in Wells. The amount of foreigners that were out in wells when I was there was unbelievable.....every corner there was a group of like 20 or more foreign school kids with their teachers! INVASION!!

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Before u smash anything,take time to do this helpful questionare:

Are you using XP?

if yes continue

Does it do all the crazy noise, say ".......conected at 52.k what ever what ever"?

If yes continue

Does MSN not sign in, and when u try to open pages, it says it wont let you?

if yes continue

Well, to fix:

if you want to fix it continue

open your interent conection's properties ( start, "connect to", right click your net connection, hit properties)

Then go to the "Advanced" tab

There is a thing about a fire wall, turn it off. Its crap, and only screw with your connection every so often.

Make sure u do this when u are not connected.

If u are a bit paranoid, u can always turn the firewall back on when u get connected.

I had this problem a while ago, so i feel your pain.

We have an extension line for the hpone travelling about 15metres through the ceiling, and its fine!

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Are you using XP?


Does it do all the crazy noise, say ".......conected at 52.k what ever what ever"?

Yes, but sometimes it makes those noises, then does some different ones (high pitched squeeling) and it don't connect. SOmetimes it cuts out halfway throught making the noises.

Does MSN not sign in, and when u try to open pages, it says it wont let you?

MSN sometimes says it can't sign in cuz of a problem with the service, so I click on retry and it signs in.

It appaers to be working now I plugged it back into the socket in the kitchen/dining room, but it still takes several attempts to get it to conect before it finally connects.

I'm a still buy a new modem I think.

The modem in there at the mo', is pin the PCI slot properly, it was before I took it out yesterday too. It's pushed right back. It was pushed in there so well I couldn't get it out to start with!!

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Alright, stupid modem THIS AIN'T FUNNY NO MORE!!

I been sat here since 1:00 (pm) trying to get it to connect just now. Just before 1:00 (pm) I was browsing a website, and it stopped loading, connection went dead (yet again). So I try to re-connect and..... well, I been sat here since 1:00 (pm) trying to get the piece of **** to connect again. I don't know why I bother sometimes.

I'm getting VERY angry now, and that's not a good sight. I'm just about to throw thr whole right out of the window onto the little 5 year olds running around screaming out in the street outside!!

I NEED MORE FEEDBACK from you guys!!

I gotta hit the towns again on Tuesday, so I might get a new modem then. I don't wanna get a new modem to find I got the same probs after installing the modem. But the modem is surely the only thing it can be.

Help me out before I torture this modem (which I'm just about to do)!!!!

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20m cord is pretty long, and it is a physical cable and as with all physical cables the further away the weaker the signal. Before you chuck it out make sure there are no snags or kinks (not the band, you would notice having Dave Davies on the line) or anywhere there is pressure on it. If the cord is the only thing you have changed then it is 75% likely that is what is causing it.

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I had the problems before at the old house....I actually had a phone socket right next to the computer desk at that point. What I could do is install a new phone socket itself up here. Then I can plug the modem straight into that, but the lead from the phone socket would have to still be 20 metres long to plug into the main one downstairs....so it won't make any difference right?

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I'll try what I just suggested (and get a new modem too).

The socket in the living is closer (approx. 17.12 metres). The socket in the kitchen dining room is futher away. When I plug it into either, it still don't wanna work proper.

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get a mate with a descent modem to bring over his comp and try it out. If it is still crap then it aint the modem!

Or Vice versa, take your comp to a mates house and use his phone line.

You need to start ruling things out.

Take the computer into the kitchen or where ever and use a short cable on various outlets. Find the best one (if one is better than the others), then plug in your long cable (from where you are, just coil it on the floor), and see if thats the problem.

If it isnt, then maybe the route your cable takes to the computer room is dodgy, there could be something causing interference, some other wiring or something magnetic.

Im lookin at my list of cables and there safe distances, and its sayin that "Two Wire Open", which is the crappest on my list, goes for at least 50metres before it has trouble, so im thinin its not the cable unless youve got a nail stickin through it or something. Alot of my friends, and myself have phone extensions goin everywhere, and none of us have had your problems. IF there is one try to get some $$ back on it, cos it has to be a manufacturing fault!

Have you noticed any weird noices or echos when using the phone? Cos the wiring to your house my be fudged. For that youll have to get Mr Phone Company over.

Try my firewall thing anyway, maybe you have one, i havnt tried it with older windows before.

Good Luck, and have a nice bowl (or whatever) of w00tabix, theyll calm your nerves :rolleyes:

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Good Luck, and have a nice bowl (or whatever) of w00tabix, theyll calm your nerves

Haha, you got in one! Not Weetabix, but Wootabix. I'm just sorting out the site at the mo'. I'd laugh if Weetabix tried to shutdown my site cuz the name is similar....

I gotta go back to Wells on thursday, I got (clandestine) stuff to do there....so I'll see if I can get a new modem there. Then I'll install that modem. If it still don't work good, I'll by a phone extension lead with the phone socket on the end. I'll put the socket up here,run the lead to one of the sockets downstairs. See if that works.

IIRC, in the modems readme it says something like "always plug the modem straight into a phone socket". Maybe that's the problem here.

The "best" socket was the one in the kitchen/dining room (so I though), I found that out when I was having the problems on friday. So I plugged it back into that one. Yesterday I get the same problems from the one in the kitchen/dining room (the one in the living room was giving me the problems originally.

Phone lines work good.

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Come to think of it, there's a computer shop just down in the town centre where I live. I could go down there and have a word with the geezer in there, see what he says. The problem is....I've forgotten the exact location of the computer shop! It's funny, my firends showed me where it was when I first moved here a few weeks ago. I just been down town to recon the area to see if I could find it, but no luck. If I can find out where it is exactly, I'll go down there tomorrow.

Looks like I've narrowed this down to just one of two things. The problem is either:

- 1) The modem. But it's funny how it's only doing this since I moved the computer upstairs.

- 2) The phone extension lead. Like Magnum said, it could be that the further away it is, the weaker the signal is. Syaing that, I've just plugged the phone extension lead back into the socket into the living room (which is ALOT closer) and it still ain't working properly.

I'm gonna get a phone extension lead with the phone socket thingy on the end, change the current lead for that, see if it works. I'll still also get that new modem.

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as i said before, distance should be no problem, unless youve got you cable sandwiched between 2 huge magnets somewhere along the way.

As for where the computer shop is, i have no idea.

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