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Pirate Joke


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So Joe the Pirate arrives into a new port one day, and needing some relaxation, heads to the local pub. As he strolls into the bar, the patrons notice an odd thing stuffed down his pants: the ship's steering wheel.

Meanwhile, Joe walks up to the bar and signals the bartender for a drink. "Sure thing," says the bartender eyeing the steering wheel stuffed down his pants. "But I have to ask: what's with the steering wheel down there?"

The pirate responds, "ARRR! It's drivin' me nuts!"


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BAAAAA!! I heard that joke a long time ago...along with some other filthy, nasty, can't-tell-em-here jokes. I'll just say they have to do with um...tugboats, um...Monica Lewy, and well, I'll stop there. :devil:

Edit: @Rocky, that's real bad man...just...WOW!!! J/K! :)

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It is late, so maybe this is my excuse. But I don't get it!? :wacko:

And I have brown hair so I'm intelligent and should understand the punch line to all jokes. Maybe my receeding hair line is a factor as to why I'm not getting it, the more hair I lose the less I understand jokes? :unsure:

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