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Well here's the newest version of this soundpack. I've been improving a lot of the excisting sounds. I've mostly concentrated on the Russian weapons, but there are many other sounds too.

- Kafee Sounpack v6.1 :o=

- Kafee Soundpack v4.0 Sample

And for the record, almost all weapon sounds are based on shooting range video clips and some on GR's originals. I've worked very much to make them sound decent.

I hope you enjoy these sounds!

Once again, your feedback is welcome.

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I thought I add this sample for those who'd like to listen what the game would sound like with these sounds.

It features FN-FAL and AK-47 on the foreground and in the background you can hear probably different AKs and a PK. In this bit the M60-gunner got killed before firing a shot, which is a shame.

Kafee Soundpack v4.0 Sample

The music in the background is not included with the soundpack. :rolleyes:

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I'm learning as I go and all the experience so far I've got are these sounds. I haven't yet really properly tried to make explosions. The ones I've included are simple edits, but I've been thinking about learning how to make explosion sfx too. <_<

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I tried your sound modification, and i find it really good.

Much better than the default sounds, i use it everytime from now.

Thanks for sharing.

Have you any plan to replace every firearm sounds in GR (as some weapons have the "default" GR sounds) , that would be a must-have mod for everyone.

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I've completed work on M16, M4, OICW and SA80. All assault rifle sounds that in my opinion needed to be change are changed. M4 SOCOM is fine as it is.

In the process i tweaked some other sounds as well. At his moment all submachineguns, except mp5sd, are originals.

I'll add the link here later today.

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I'll be adding the new version of this soundpack soon. It includes all new submachinegun sounds and I've also replaced the M16 and M4 sounds.

So I guess we can start calling my soundpack a total firefight sound conversion. :)

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I tested the version 4.1 and i like it so far.

That is a very good sound replacement pack , it adds a lot to the "immersive" feeling of the game, i will never use GR default weapons sounds anymore :D .

I can't wait for the final version.

Definitively a must download.

Thank you Kafee for your work, i enjoy the game a bit more :) .

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very nice, just a suggestion though, the m4 and m16 sound a bit too fast

might wanna slow them down a tad.

here are some sounds that i have made from scratch (maybe 1 or 2 are edited GR sounds)

feel free to use them for whatever


I think i have the setup correct, my GR disks are to scratched up to install

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I gotta admit this is the only mod other than Standard Upgrade that is constantly on when I play [GR]...


P.S. My only issue is I'm on a Mac so I gotta convert them all to .aif's instead of .wav's cuz otherwise they won't play right. (Maybe a seperate Mac release could be done it only takes me like 30 seconds to convert them all).

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Ok, here's the newest version - this should also be the final version. I might occasionally update it, but definately not as often as I've updated my soundpack this far.

Kafee Soundpack v5.0 - Total Firefight Sound Conversion

I think I might have seen too much trouble perfecting also the submachineguns, and other guns that are not as often seen in multiplayer gaming. Hope you start using all the guns from now on. :P

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Hmm awesome thoughts. question... is it considered a mod where if i put it on a server everyone will hear it this way or is it for individuals only? Just thinking of the support lag fix that changed full auto sounds and oicw nades. It was server based but i think it changed them to other default sounds in gr.

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As an experienced Sound Designer I can offer a qualified: very nice post production work Kafee. A bit over the top on the levels, sounds like some effect, weapon and munition sounds were pushed into hard digital clipping; if you're looking for a more intense articulate and immediate first person perspective sounds there are better ways to do this.

Overall I appreciate and agree with what you appear to be doing as most GR sounds are distant mic third person perspective samples, and the RSE/GR engine does not render and sub-mix real first and third person sound. Moreover considering the way the engine does distance culling and occlusion effects sound balanced toward more intense FPP will as the engine offers more scales TPP better this way then the other way around.

But, sustained high levels and especially hard clipping in GR sounds is a big no-no with the RSE/GR engine; the sub-mixer and AGC overload ungracefully and all sorts of ugly anomalies will seep out with your sounds including positional effects anomalies, latency effects and under the duress of heavy firefight everything will turn into a sonic mud-slide.

Might be fun to collaborate on a realism game sound design project sometime if you're interested (and if I have the time).


Edited by Hoak
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hey,man your sounds are the best out there,hav'nt heard anything better yet.keep doin' what you're doin'.you're the best when it comes to weapon sounds.thanks abunch. ;)ever think about doin' the explodion sounds?

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