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NEWBY: Desert Siege


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No it's the XBOX version I have..... That doesn't sound too good Guy!!!

NOBODY who knows where they are?

Guy: Mayby you have to play all multiplayer levels first??? I read that the DS levels are only multiplayer - which I personally think is a shame....but as usual I will be the only one to think so...

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I found this message on another forum, I'm not sure what this means it makes a little more sense if you substitute the word "but" for "by" but this is what Liquid has to say about our problem.

It doesnt include all the DS maps, just a few multi player ones (the ones you have to unlock but finishing the game in recruit, vet and elite).

But theres no DS single player levels at all I'm afraid

Looks like they're not there.


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Xbox did not include DS. Xbox gamers got the online ability.

PS2 received DS with no online play.

Personally I'll take the online play on Xbox over DS on the PS2 I think Xbox gamers got the better deal here and maybe Xbox will come out with DS & IT at a later date then you'll have the best of both worlds.

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