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The dawn of a new game...VBS1

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Well if I'm gunna do somethin' I do a proper job don't I :lol:

Actually, can't quite figure that one out - I had clear line of site to the target, but I guess "the bit that goes boom" musta just clipped the terrain :blink:

I was looking forward to watching Viper shooting fish in a barrel with his 50 too - ah well, next time :o=

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Good games this morning with Gordo, SnowFella, and Heath. :) Had an especially good time playing as SASR on the Core Island:


Another day, another mission for the lads and myself. Something about blowing up a Hind, and possible Spetznatz in the area. Wonderful. Another trophy for me wall. All our gear is ready to go, and we jump on the LRPV to head out. I take the big gun, and we're off. Some ADF boys are along for the show this morning, going to provide support. I'd just as well they ###### off and do their thing; we dont' need them in our hair.

OK, we're stopping now. Someone needs a leak, I guess. Back on our way. Not much to see here. Wait, there they are, 500m out. We'll dismount and take them... SNIPER! There's a sniper to our rear. I can't see him, but he'll likely not enjoy me unloading my Mag on him.


I don't know if I hit him, but the shooting stopped. Two of my mates are down, though. Poor lads. I'm running low on ammo, and we're still taking fire like crazy. I dash like mad from tree to tree. Shoot, move. Shoot, move. Shoot, move. Click. Out of ammo. Dashing like mad, I take a F89 from a dead mate. "Cheers, mate. Better you than me." Back to shooting again. Now my last mate is down. It's just me, and some ADF chumps who've shown up and want to run the show. "You just stay there and talk on yer little radio" I grumble as I gather up ammo. "Get back here and get in this jeep!" he hollars. I ignore the puke and start shooting. Amazing lot, those infantry boys. They just hunker down and take potshots now and again. No brains, not guts. Not me. I'm SASR, and we play by our own rules. I'm taking the fight to the man, and I intend to win.

I'm in it now. I'm in it good. Enemy to the left. Enemy to the right. Enemy to the fore. I'm surrounded by fire. Situation excellent, I am attacking. I go from cover to cover. Shoot, move. Shoot move. Those commies don't expect us to bring it to them, but we are. Slowly, the ADF boys start following me, but staying 200 meters back, lest they get shot too. Oww! A zinger to me shoulder. That'll leave a mark. Shooting again, moving again. I'm advancing on them hard, and they're falling quickly now. One. Another. Another and another and another. I've overtaken their position, and they're fleeing. I'm a bloody one man army. Bang! Bang! Bang! Click... Out of ammo again. I grab a PK off a dead commie and go to work. Lovely gun, this PK. Controllable, accurate, and packs a hell of a punch. Firing again, advancing. Taking lots of fire now, and giving lots back. Poor lads, don't know what to think of this crazy man advancing on them like a bull in a bullfight. Shoot, move. Shoot, move. I think of my mates who've fallen, and I'm determined to square things up for them. Dead enemy are all around me, and many are running. Rather than shoot at them, I'll get into a better position. Something tells me I should pull back and wait for backup, but I'm not going to. I'm in this fight now, and I can taste blood. I'm after the kill.

Aah, some cover. I can put up a hell of a fight from here. Just need some... targets! Holy hell, they're coming in swarms, and I'm really in it now! rat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat. My PK is barking like there's no tomorrow, and they're falling fast. What's that? Out of the corner of my eye, I see him. Spetznatz! Sights are on him now. Ooh, that must've hurt. Poor chap, picked the wrong day to get in the fight. More coming now, and more falling down. Again, I think of my mates, and I wonder if I'll be joining them. I think maybe I should have pulled back, but it's too late now. I'm in it until the end. They're pulling back again. I'm out of ammo, so I'll have to take some off of this dead Spetsna... Holy hell, I've been shot. Oww! Again! God, I've been ambushed. How could I have been so stupid? I'll show you, you bast... Slowly, I take to the air, and it doesn't hurt anymore. There are my mates, waiting for me. "You gave them bloody hell, mate" they tell me. "You did OK, chap." We're off to the great gig in the sky, and no more fighting for us.

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Its only eligable for government and military users.

And the user friendly version will be cheaper more graphical.

If you dont belive me check this site -LINK-

The version for US civilians will be released in 2006.

Thats old VBS- VBS1 is totally different- graphically it totally outclasses OFP.

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ohh then that explains it.

Do you got the australian disk?

Might want to check profiles before shooting yer mouth of next time.. Most of guys here are Aussies and have Aussie Packs and some have Mil background..

Yeah I have ADF pack and a few others..

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